Funny Tweets About Office Life That Are Way Too Real

It is almost impossible to find humor in one of the most boring places on this planet. But office life can find new colors if you learn how to apply irony and sarcasm. Oftentimes, mundane work can make you dull. But you have the power to turn even the most humdrum day brighter than before. These people share their silly thoughts about their life at the office and how they survive every tedious day at work. We have gathered some funny tweets about office life that are way too real, and we think you can easily relate to if you’re an office worker.



There’s always that one thing that we’re allergic to. Perhaps it would be best to make it believable though.

Maybe you see yourself doing other things in life?

Here’s another office prank to annoy your colleagues.

Your brain knows when to motivate itself. Not something you want on your resume, by the way.

He’s just being honest. Perhaps a little too honest?

Not everyone can do that, and what a talent to have.

Trying to act mature. Manners, people!

It was a good investment. Winner!

Life at the office and the antics people get up to


There’s always something there to remind you how important it is to make a living.

Suffering is the greatest experience.

Take everything but my money. I worked hard for that money!

When you suddenly become the office tour guide for the new guy. Kill me now.

Look at me, boss. I’m busy. I’m also multi-talented, as you can see. Please remember that when choosing for the next promotion.

When office life is so boring you can’t help but eat. And eat. And eat.