17 Funny Photos Of Kids Before And After Their First Day Of School

The first day of school is one of the most memorable days for kids. As, the anticipation of meeting new friends and new teachers will make many kids feel excited about going back to school. Most kids have a positive expectation about this day. But most of the time, their excitement turns into utter disappointment probably due to the realization that school life isn’t all about having fun. It’s basically one of those crucial moments of their lives when they get an early taste of the bitter reality. And what could be the best way to commemorate this special moment than to capture it on camera?

You probably have them too, right? The photos your parents took on your first day. You’re probably gleaming with joy in your new uniform or outfit as you happily smile for the camera. If that went well for you then you’re really fortunate. But most of us aren’t that fortunate to have the day go as expected. And we’re pretty sure these kids on these photos are no different.


First Day Before And After Photos

first day of school before and after
Kebab connoisseur

You can see from their faces how exhilarated they were on their first day. Just to come home looking worn out and downcast. Seeing these before and after photos is like watching them go out for a war with guaranteed victory in mind. But at the end of the day, they come back utterly defeated. It’s easy to see that these kids really had it rough. That look of disappointment on their faces would surely make you remember that you’ve been there once. And probably felt the same way as these kids did. Not to make fun of these poor kids but their before and after transformations are just too amusing.


“Before And After The First Day Of School. The Future Suddenly Looks Bleak.”

first day of school before and after photos


“Before And After The First Day Of School”

going back to school girl reaction


“First Day Of School Vs Second Day Of School”

going back to school disappointment


“Our Daughter Is Not Ok With Going Back To School”

going back to school funny photo


“There’s Two Types Of Kids On The First Day Of School”

first day of school two types of kids


“First Submission. My Niece Had A Hard Day At School”

girl exhausted hard day at school


“My Son’s First Day Of Preschool”

exhausted boy first day of school
Carole Garcia


“My 7-year-old Was Not Interested In Going To School Today.”

girl not interested in going to school


“Kids In BKK Do Have The Same Fun”

girl look of disappointment going to school
KayKay Duanghatai


Go To School They Said, It Will Be Fun They Said

going back to school expectation vs reality
Maureen Johnson


“Yes I Had The Same Situation With My Lad Frankie When He Started School 2 Years Ago”

first day of school difference a day makes
Ursula Jordan


“This Was My Daughter First Day Of Reception”

girl had a sad school life
Angie Belle II

“You Can’t See In The Second Photo But His Trousers Were COVERED In Yogurt. He Was Pleased That It Hadn’t Hit Him In The Face Like Everyone Else”

first day of school morning vs afternoon


“Was A Rough 1st Day Of Kindergarten!!”

back to school problem
Tracy Dentay


“Looks Like Two Different Kids”

boy first day of school transformation
Jacqueline Stewart