Dentists With An Awesome Sense Of Humor

Going to the dentist is something that many people try to avoid. Some people have a deep fear of sitting in that dreaded chair for numerous reasons. This is hardly surprising as dentists and their offices can be rather unappealing. However, this isn’t the case everywhere! Here he have a list of dentists with an awesome sense of humor. These are the kinds of people that you just know you’ll get a pleasant experience with! Take a look! 

Dentists With An Awesome Sense Of Humor

These appointment reminders are just brilliant! 

It’s incredible what a new set of teeth can do for your appearance! 

When you lean back in your dentist’s chair and see this… 

Low on patients? Here’s a trick…

Extra effort has gone into making these parking spaces dentist themed! 

Brilliant! We wonder what’s in the folder…

We love this pumpkin! 

This sounds legit to us! 

There are perks available for those who practice good dental hygiene!

Going above and beyond the call of duty! 

How to rock a tooth fairy outfit!

We can’t figure out if this is terrifying or endearing?!

Take your pick! 

There’s nothing like Where’s Waldo to take your mind off of being at the dentist! 

Dentists With An Awesome Sense Of Humor wheres waldo

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