14 Reasons That Kids Should Never Be Left Alone

Being a parent can be hard. Everyone knows that serious accidents can happen in the blink of an eye so being vigilant is important, but keeping watch over your kids constantly can be quite hard. Sometimes we turn our backs for just a few moments only to return to complete and utter chaos! Here we have some hilarious images that prove just that. Below are 14 reasons that kids should never be left alone! 

Reasons That Kids Should Never Be Left Alone

Maybe this child desperately wanted to be a Smurf?

They must have gone through a whole bottle of bubbles! 

Cleaning this buttered up baby would have been a slippery scenario!

This is one sticky situation! 

Let’s hope that this was easily removed! 

Sometimes kids are remorseful for their actions, other times, not so much! 

When the kids want to help with redecorating… 

A nice message delivered in a terrible way! 

The look of innocence doesn’t suit the surroundings! 

Hopefully the toilet was clean! 

This would have been so much fun to clear up! 

That’s 45 years, in case you were wondering! 

Wow! What a masterpiece! 

Pets need a good diet but this could be over kill.