Dove White Chocolate & Lemon Meringue Treats Look Divine

There’s always a Dove Chocolate for any season and any occasion. For Christmas 2020, the brand helped spread the warm holiday cheer by treating us with their Dark Chocolate Cherry Swirl. And now they have a treat that combines the flavors of a much-loved springtime dessert: lemon meringue pie! The new Dove White Chocolate & Lemon Meringue treats have arrived. And it’s definitely a treat you’ll want in your candy dish and Easter basket this spring!

So, the decision to combine sweet white chocolate and citrusy lemon meringue is definitely unconventional. After all, the first thing that you think of when you think about lemon meringue is its signature sweet-sour tang. So we’re definitely intrigued as to how Dove has managed to find that delicate balance between these two treats! On the package, Dove Chocolates wrote:

“A favorite springtime dessert gets a silky smooth twist with DOVE PROMISES White Chocolate & Lemon Meringue. Wrapped in light lemony foils, these bright delights bring a slice of spring to every candy dish.”



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The new Dove Lemon Meringue chocolates will make a delightful addition to your candy stash this spring

The new White Chocolate & Lemon Meringue flavor comes in 6.3-ounce bags that contain 24 chocolate pieces. The candies come wrapped in blue and yellow foil wrappers that have various lemony designs. The White Chocolate & Lemon Meringue chocolates feature a two-toned look. Instagram foodie @frontpagefoodfinds described the candy pieces to have “a yellow bottom half for the lemon portion, and a white top half.



Many shoppers have already snagged a bag of this curious Dove offering since it hit shelves. Among the first samplers of the springtime special is popular Instagram snack shopper @junkfoodonthego, who said that the treats “taste just like lemon meringue”. Another satisfied sampler was @convenience_store_casey, who claimed that the treat’s strong white chocolate flavor created an almost “buttery taste that could imitate the curst of a pie a little bit”. So, with these reviews, we think it’s safe to say that Dove has succeeded in creating a treat that captures the vibrancy of spring! Dove’s new chocolates are available in leading supermarkets like Walmart and Target, so remember to drop by the chocolate and candy aisle!