People Have Been Sharing Short Girl Problems And You Can’t Help But Laugh

They say the best things come in small packages. While this may be true in some cases, the same can’t be said for people who are ‘vertically challenged’. These short girl problems will prove that being small or petite has more inconveniences than perks. Being called ‘cute’ all the time, constantly banging your stomach on the corner of table, not being able to get items on the top shelf. These are only few of the many struggles that girls under 5’3” have to deal with on a regular basis.

So, if you think being tall is frustrating then you only need to see these problems that short people have to convince yourself that ‘the bigger, the better’. We’ve compiled the most hilarious struggles of being petite that most short girls would surely relate to.

“When the one thing you really want from a shop is on the top shelf.”

short girl problems top shelf


“When people look at you oddly for using initiative to get it.”

short girl problems human podium


“When people meet me the first time.”

short girl problems


“When someone uses me as their arm rest.”

being used as an armrest


“Never trust a tall person to put up your bathroom cabinet!”

bathroom cabinet mirror too high


“When you buy something in a cropped length but it doesn’t quite look cropped on you.”

cropped length leggings fail


“How are these pj bottoms average length?”

short girl problems pajama too long


“When I hit my hip at the corner of the table but still wanna act cool.”

hitting hip at the corner of table


Short girl problems

short girl problems cropped out


“View at the concert when you’re short AF.”

view at the concert


“Can you guess which bike was mine? Hahaha.”

gym bike seat adjusted


“I have to physically get out of the car because my arms are short too. I hate it.”

short girl problems atm baby yoda meme


“How’s the weather up there?”

standing next to a giant wax figure


The struggle is real

struggle is real for petite people


“The joys of being a short arse and having to use the digital check in.”

digital check in struggle


“This is what it looks like when you’re 4’10” and sit on a deep couch.”

short girl problems sitting on deep couch


“When your girl is short, but mad AF”

funny meme about petite people


Me in the kitchen

petite people kitchen struggle


“My fellow short ladies know the struggle”

short girl problems washing machine