These 17 Incredible Building Facades From Around The Globe Will Amaze You


If you're bored by your local architecture, we have a feast for your eyes! These 17 incredible building facades from around the globe will amaze you with their sheer inventiveness! Many of the architects of these buildings have employed aspects of nature into their works whereas some have gone for a more 'far out' look. What is certainly true for every one of these amazing designs is that they're totally awesome. Take a look!


Who wouldn't love to study in the University of Helsinki City Campus Library?

uni helsinki library


The designers behind Gimpo Art Hall in South Korea took their inspiration from a tree and its branches as a tribute to the surrounding area which is rich, agriculturally-speaking.

gimpo art hall


The Art Wall in Melbourne Australia is an astonishing sight!

the art wall


The facade of this grammar school for girls in Australia is like no school we've ever seen!

girls grammar school


The Town Hall Hotel in London boasts a new wing with an aluminum 'skin' which negates any need for windows!

town hall hotel


House 77 in Portugal employs the use of ancient markings which were once used to identify personal belongings. This is someone's actual home, cool!

house 77


This urban townhouse in NYC boasts aluminum cut outs which resemble a futuristic brick wall!

urban townhouse nyc


Can you believe this is a McDonald's in Georgia?

mcdonalds georgia



The facade of Lims La Trobe University Molecular Science Building is totally unique and colorful!

lims la trobe mol sc building


The 'New York by Gehry' towers are the highest residential buildings in the West, and arguably the coolest too!

new york by gehry


This awesome crinkled-looking wall belongs to a high school in Kufstein, Austria.

high school crinkled wall


'Pixel' is an environmentally friendly building in Australia. We are loving those bold shapes and colors!

pixel building


The architects of the Victoria Center in Bucharest, Romania were clearly inspired by nature. Look at those beautiful tree shapes!

victoria center


More than 900 trees make up part of this Vertical Forest building facade in Milan.

vertical forest


Have you ever seen a health department that looked like the Basque Health Department HQ? Thought not!

basque health dept hq


The Al Bahar Towers in Abu Dhabi are designed to withstand strong heat and sunlight so there is less need for air conditioning!

al bahar towers


And finally, this Aqua Tower in Chicago looks unbelievably cool!

aqua tower

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