20 Awesome Owner And Dog Halloween Costume Ideas

Are you a dog loving Halloween fan? If so, you should consider dressing up your dog this year. Whether you’re throwing a costume party or trick-or-treating, don’t let your furry friend miss out on the fun and treats! Matching costumes for dogs and their ‘human’ has been all the rage among pet owners for years. Dressing up our beloved best friends in matching costume makes us feel more bonded with them, after all. If you’re stumped for ideas, we’ve rounded up a compilation of dog costumes to help you. (Provided that your dog’s okay with being dressed up, of course.)

Turn your puppy into King Mutt

Cleopatra Dog Costume
Rule the neighborhood with this glitzy get-up. You can get the Pharaoh Dog Costume here. You can also get a Cleopatra dog costume here.

 This Cinderella Carriage Costume is utterly charming.

Cinderella Carriage Dog Costume

It doesn’t matter if your best friend’s got an injury or illness, there are costumes available for every dog! You and your baby will certainly be the belles of the ball with this fairy tale-inspired costume! The carriage is sure to be a really cute DIY project to. You can get the Cinderella costume here.

Recreate an iconic movie scene with this King Kong-inspired Dog Costume!

King Kong Anne Darrow Dog CostumeFay Wray’s scene in 1993’s King Kong is so iconic, people don’t really need to watch the movie to get it. Plus, all your cute doggy needs is a blonde wig! Of course you can dress up as King Kong too. The Empire State Building costume will require some crafting skills though.

Of course, you can dress up like your favorite movie characters.

Seymour Krelborn Dog Costume

Find yourself a red hoodie and some nerdy glasses, then put your pooch in a pot, and suddenly you’re Seymour and Audrey II from Little Shop of Horrors.

Or you can try unconventional themes like ‘bath time buddies’.

Loofah Dog CostumeIt’s crazy how some tulle can transform your pet into a fluffy loofah. You can find the tutorial for this bubbly costume here!

Pay homage to some childhood classics.

Oscar the Grouch Dog Costume

Well, your little Oscar can’t possibly get grouchy. He’s going to get a lot of treats, after all. You can learn more about this Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch costume here.

You can also pay tribute to your favorite video game characters.

Bowser and Chomp CostumeBowser and Chomp are definitely going to score scores of treats to chomp on! This costume was made by a very cool aunt for nephew, but you can also buy a similar Bowser costume here.

Transform into the Mother of Dragons, if you wish.

Daenerys Targaryen and Dragon CostumeHonestly we still can’t accept the fate of Daenerys Targaryen in the final season of Game of Thrones. Fortunately, Halloween exists and we can honor the fallen queen. Of course, no Daenerys Targaryen costume will be complete without one of her precious dragons. Your gentle canine can be the Drogon to your Daenerys. You can DIY the dragon wings or buy it here.

Protect the streets with your trusty sidekick!

Batman and Robin Dog Costume

Help keep the neighborhood kids’ candy safe this Halloween together with your dependable sidekick! Get the Robin costume here!

If your dog resembles someone, use that.

Wayne and Garth Dog CostumeYou and your dog can party on in these Wayne’s World-inspired getups. The cap is available here.

Keep the force strong with these Star Wars-inspired costumes.

Darth Vader and Yoda Dog Costume

If you’re a huge Star Wars fan, you won’t want miss the opportunity to involve your tiny Chewbaccas with your intergalactic fascination. The Darth Vader costume is available here.

Get crazy with Dr. Seuss.

Thing 1 and Thing 2 Matching Dog Costume

The Cat in the Hat could not complete any Halloween mischievousness without his trusty, furry “things.” Read all about the costume here, or snag them on Amazon.

“My, what an adorable wolf you are!”

Little Red Riding Hood Wolf Dog CostumeThrow on a red cape and take your pooch (who’s descended from wolves!) for an enchanted walk in the woods. Check out the costume tutorial here. You can get wolf ears here too!

Let the little ones pay tribute to their heroes!

K9 Police Dog CostumeIf you or your partner is a part of the force, there’s a pretty big chance that your little ones will want to dress up just like you. Your kid and fur-baby will definitely have great time sniffing out Halloween candy all night! You can make this costume with simple items like a black cap. Read on at Craftberry for the tutorial.

Every princess needs a best friend.

Ariel and Sebastian Dog Costume

Be a part of your dog’s world with this perfectly paired lobster and mermaid costumes! Read all about the delightful story behind the adorable photo at JaNicki Photography.

Poke a little fun at a classic camping favorite.

S'Mores Marshmallow Dog Costume

Dress up your favorite pooch as an extra fluffy marshmallow this year. The costume’s super simple, but it makes Halloween s’more fun, right? This costume only needs some cardboard boxes and a pillow. You can read on at Little Sloth on how to recreate this gooey get-up.

“Hotdog! Get yer hotdog here!”

Hotdog Dog Costume

This homemade hotdog vendor costume and hotdog dog costume features the two kinds of dogs we love. It’s sure to be a hit with both the kids and the grown ups!

Give ’em something Taco about.

Taco Dog CostumeWhile her owners dressed up as tequila and lime, this lab looked absolutely perfect as the traditional Mexican food. You can totally DIY the entire costume set. However, if DIY isn’t your strong suit, you can get the taco dog costume here.

Give them something to buzz about.

Bumblee Bee Dog CostumeIf you love gardening, then perhaps this family costume is the best bet for you! These garden-inspired costumes are probably one of the loveliest owner-pet coordinating sets we’ve seen! The bee costume is essentially a yellow shirt, so it won’t be too cumbersome or heavy for your happy bee. Get the tutorial from Little Sloth.

Channel Agnes Gru’s enthusiasm for fluffy things.


Shop a similar unicorn costume here.

Whatever you choose to do with your furry companion this Halloween, we’re sure it’ll earn you a lot of treats! Happy Halloween!