The Struggle Was All Too Real For Kids In The 90’s

Calling all 90’s kids! It’s time to look back to our childhood days and remember the struggles we had in dealing with technology. Here are the most relatable 90’s kids struggles that we will never forget.

Technological advancement is shaping this present generation. And we 90’s kids can’t help but witness how kids nowadays wallow in the luxury of modern technology.  Well, that’s actually good for these young millennials. All the modern gadgets that they have now, those are the things that we only dreamed of in our childhood. It’s good that they’re actually living in a high-tech era where they can have everything they want in just a click of a button. You see, life in the 90’s wasn’t as convenient as young millennials have now. But that doesn’t mean we are less happy with what we have back then.

In fact, looking back at technology in the 90’s, we can’t help but realize how fortunate we are. But why did we say so? Because 90’s kids were able to experience the transition of early technology to the latest technology. We were able to experience both facets of technology, from its humble beginnings up to its total world domination. If you’re wondering how we lived our lives in our childhood, let these photos show you some of the 90’s kids struggles.

90's kids struggles

Before people got enslaved by iPhones and smartphones, we only have Nokia phones in the 90’s. Unlike the slim phones of today, early Nokia handsets are bulky and heavy. Moreover, these monochrome phones only contain three built-in games – snake, memory, and logic. And it could only play MIDI rigntones. These mobile phones may lack advanced features such as apps, media player, 3D games, and so on. But they’re actually a cut above the rest when it comes to phone functionality. They are sturdy beyond comprehension, you can drop it from the second floor and would still end up intact and operational. Try doing that with your smartphone and you can kiss it goodbye forever. Not to mention, Nokia batteries can last up to several days. Well, that’s mainly because we only use it for texting and calling, and nothing else.

90's kids struggles cd compilation


90's kids struggles cassette tape tangled

Before mp3, iTunes, and Spotify were developed, we used to save our favorite music in cassette tapes or CDs. And in order to play them, we’ll bring along portable cassette players or CD players, which are rather bulky.

90s kids struggles portable music player

Young people are complaining about today’s slow internet connection, and we’re here laughing at them. These youngsters don’t have any idea how internet was during our times. Since we mainly used dial-up modems to connect to the worldwide web, we need to wait for several minutes for the connection to go through. Needless to say, downloading files from the internet was frustratingly slow. So, you still think today’s internet sucks? You haven’t experienced 90’s kids struggles with super-slow internet.

90's kids struggles downloading files


90's kids struggles internet explorer error

We don’t have Netflix in the 90’s. So, what did we usually do when we want to watch movies? We actually run to the nearest videostore to rent a videotape or a DVD.  You might be thinking that’s a total hassle but that’s how we do it. And this is one of the 90’s kids struggles that we have to cope up with.

90s kids struggles video store

Today, you can save thousands of mp3, hundreds of movies, and other files into one external storage. But before external drives with terabyte capacity were developed, we were using floppy disks to save our files. And do you know how much one floppy disk can store? It can contain a meager 1.44 MB. That capacity is not even sufficient to contain one mp3 file. And when we can no longer use the floppies, we throw them into the air like Frisbees.

90s kids struggles floppy disks

HD digital cameras, Photoshop, auto-filtering apps, we didn’t have any of these things in the 90’s. Instead, we have film cameras that solely rely on reels of film to capture images. When all of the film strips are used, we go to the photo-printing shop where the photos are processed and printed on paper. That leaves no opportunity for photo enhancements or photo-filtering. And that is totally unacceptable in today’s standard.

90s kids struggles film camera reel

Here are other 90’s kids struggles that make their era the most exciting generation ever

90s kids struggles gameboy no backlight


90s kids struggles windows games


90s kids struggles vintage tv


90s kids struggles burning cd


90s kids struggles wordart


90s kids struggles 3d pinball


90s kids struggles car power window crank style


90s kids struggles dial-up connection


90s kids struggles phone limited storage


90s kids struggles phone block


90s kids struggles telephone tangled wire


90s kids struggles mechanical mouse


90s kids struggles song lyrics


90s kids struggles manual shut down


90s kids struggles radio recording


90s kids struggles multiplayer keyboard


90s kids struggles minesweeper


90s kids struggles expensive internet


90s kids struggles yellow pages


90s kids struggles record ringtones


90s kids struggles informercials


90s kids struggles tamagochi virtual pet


90s kids struggles music record cassette


90s kids struggles windows 98


90s kids struggles phone internet


90s kids struggles


90s kids struggles family phone


90s kids struggles cd surface scratch


90s kids struggles gameboy cartridge


90s kids struggles vhs tape


90s kids struggles slow download


90s kids struggles ps2 gta


90's kids struggles dial-up sound


90s kids struggles phone ipod


90s kids struggles vodafone credit sim


90's kids struggles bbc ceefax