People Who Stole the Limelight For Their Funny Ideas

How do you stand out among the rest? The answer is simple; create some funny ideas that everyone can laugh at. Everyone loves the funny one but it takes a lot of wits and guts to be cleverly humorous. So why are funny people more favored than the rest? Taking life too seriously can be stressful and frustrating. But sometimes, we have no choice but to face these tough situations head on. And during these sad times, we need someone to lift up some emotional burdens from us. A good laugh is powerful enough to enlighten our weary spirits. For the meantime, let these people amuse you with their funny ideas. Here are hilarious photos of people who stole public attention with their crazy antics.



How to fight underarm sweat without using any deodorant.

Reddit | wertw3t

One lucky teddy bear is having the best flight of its life.

Twitter | Cyranek

Never underestimate the appeal of corn dogs.

Instagram | lester

If young girls can do it, Dads can do better.

Instagram | therealburrmartin

This is how I see that silhouette.


Let us all stand and give a round of applause for this man’s determination to do the impossible.

Reddit | gojiratheking

We wonder what Weird Al feels about this self-portrait of him on a man’s back. But I guess that face says it all.

Reddit | the-d-man

Hilarious ideas


Is this supposed to be a pun? We can see it’s a horseshoe but I don’t get the idea behind it.

Instagram | tampons

When you try to convince yourself how amazing your editing skill is and someone suddenly breaks the truth in your face.


How do you take a picture of a mirror? Let these people count the ways.

people selling mirrors funny ideas
Twitter | SilviuMajor

Pop-Tarts crossover is way more ambitious. Now raise your hand if you want to try this.

Imgur | totallyruinedyourday

After the horseshoes now comes the fish slippers. Which do you prefer?

Instagram | memes

Auto-correct feature have created disastrous results but it can also produce fresh inspirations.

Twitter | SweetCreamWakim

Letting your kids sip and play.

Imgur | anlyin

We need a friend who’s as clever as this girl.

Instagram | kalesalad