27 Dumb and Funny Things Drunk People Do

From sobbing on stranger’s shoulders to uttering slurry laments, drunk people are the life of any party. Naturally, things get out of control resulting to funny events that are sure to be the topic of conversations for months and even years.

Hence, we highly advise you to drink in moderation, or you might end up following the footsteps of these idiots. Here are 27 dumb and funny things drunk people do. Prepare to laugh.


He’s drunk enough to kiss anybody…even a mask.

No wonder you didn’t get up on time.

The result of Oktoberfest.

There must be a lot of construction going on that tree.

Don’t drink and drive.

Alcohol unleashes one’s hidden cooking talent.

So my puppy got drunk on kibble last night…

My friend decided to test his artistic ability by tattooing himself.

Drunk me decided to munch on my wife’s soap. Tasty!

Never shop online when drunk.

What in the world?!

Prepared my lunch last night while I was drunk and this is what I found the next day at work.

Someone stole the doors of my neighbor’s car last night.

People who drank way too much alcohol


If anyone has seen a missing leg, please report it to the authorities ASAP.

Sent my mom this photo of me happily tucked in bed last night while I was out drinking with friends.

Passed out at a bus stop and woke up to this one trying to pull my pants off.

I woke up like this today.

At least he’s being honest, right?

Hungover puppy.

Most women cry over silly matters when drunk.

“Went out drinking with my daughter and taught her how to be a sensible drunk.”

Went home hungry from partying all night, decided to heat the pizza and this is what happened.

Drunkenness Level: 1,000.

My wasted neighbor should have taken a taxi last night.

“My wife swears she wasn’t drunk when she ordered these. She hates chocolates and doesn’t play tennis.”

She got rowdy last night and ended up at the ER on crutches.

Note to self: Never take a shower while drunk.