Funny Examples of Police Humor That Show The Fun Side of Being A Cop

People often take the job of the police for granted. You’d think there would be no room for police humor, but think again. What most of us don’t know is that being a cop entails a risky and demanding responsibility. Enforcing laws, responding to calls, making arrests and conducting patrol duties and just some of the jobs. And it’s all to serve and protect people by all means. That is to say, being a police officer is as not as easy as pie. Every day is fraught with danger where they must run into every sort of dangerous situation and person. In spite of this, police officers are just like us. They also need to have a break and have some fun from time to time. And when cops get hilariously creative, things can get more amusing. So bring out your donuts and have a laugh at these funny examples of police humor that show the fun side being a cop.


These police officers have been watching too much Pixar movies.

Bored Panda

If drug dealers think they’re smart, these police officers are way more clever.


No one can just simply abandon their precious phones, right?

Rashad Coleman

Because those pot plants need all those heat lamps in order to grow.


This college guy asked a police officer how to let his parents know he’s having a good time at his first day in university. And the police officer suggested to take this photo to prank his parents. Let’s just hope the parents don’t have weak hearts.


Reykjavik is one of the most peaceful cities with the lowest crime rate in the world. And if you’re wondering what the police officers are up to, their Instagram will tell you.


Due to the heavy snow, protestors cancelled their demonstration leaving these riot police a lot of free time to spend snow sledding.


Cops having fun on the job



You should know notice signs don’t lie so you should seriously follow them. And I mean, seriously.


When cops go on protest, they make their message visible without compromising their duties. For example, refusing to wear proper uniforms while still on duty.


The police force observes no height requirement. No one is too small or too tall to become a great cop. As a matter of fact, height is never an issue for these police partners.

Bored Panda

Seems like Darth Vader is too much for these police officers to handle. It’s time to call for a backup.


Police humor at its finest! Don’t drink and drive, kids!

Cheshire Police

Pennywise surely knows how to lure them in.


This is like leaving a lasting impression.


The police department got a call complaining about a giant slip ‘n slide that was obstructing the road. When the police got to the place, they decided to join in the fun instead.

Katlen Joyce Smith

Dogs can’t wait that long without their owners.

NSW Police Force