Artist Duo Use Embroidery To Show The Places They’ve Visited

One of the best parts about traveling is seeing splendid scenery and stunning architectural structures in person. Most of us would probably take photos of them to relive the experience time and time again. However, French-Swedish textile artists Charles Henry and Elin Petronella have a different idea in mind. Instead of simply snapping shots of impressive sights during their trips, this creative couple transforms them into intricate embroidery designs.

Collectively known as Le Kadre, the couple creates embroidered cityscapes, landscapes, as well as famous landmarks in different European countries. From London’s iconic red telephone box to Barcelona’s majestic Casa Batllo, each design is sure to tickle the travel bug in you. More importantly, the couple also aims to promote stitching as a way of relaxation through their handmade creations.


“In our increasingly stressed world of constant connectivity, it’s essential to sometimes de-connect. When you embroider by hand, the process allows you to do just that: de-connect and relax. With the repetitive movements of pushing the needle up and down, your body literally relaxes stitch by stitch.”


Artistic couple Charles Henry and Elin Petronella takes hand-embroidery to the next level with their European architecture-inspired patterns

So, as with most artwork, each embroidered masterpiece starts off with a sketch of the subject on paper. This is then transferred onto a piece of fabric using carbon paper. Afterward, each detail is rendered stitch by stitch, slowly bringing the design to life. The artistic duo mostly creates pieces in full color. However, they also have other designs that they rendered in plain white thread against a black fabric and vice versa.

The couple frequently shares sneak peeks of their works in progress through their respective Instagram pages, @_charleshenry_ and They also have a website where you can purchase and download their unique pattern designs. On top of that, they also offer a variety of online courses.

Sources: Le Kadre | Charles Henry | Elin Petronella