18 Conversation Pits That Would Leave You Speechless

If you’re thinking of making a change to your home but don’t quite know what to do, then how about building a conversation pit? These awesome architectural features will add some amazing style to any home, while also providing a unique spot to relax in. They can become the centerpiece of any room or perhaps an outdoor space on the patio or near a swimming pool. To make it even better we think the idea of having a fire in middle would be amazing! Your guests would be so cozy you’d never get them to leave! Take a look at our range of awesome examples below! 

Amazing Sunken Pits

It’s like something out of a dream!

two conversation pits in water blue sky background

Big enough to entertain plenty of people!

indoor circular sunken living room

Oh how we wish we were here right now!

outdoor square sunken pit ocean views in background

A more simplistic design that might be better suited to some people’s tastes.

small square sunken pit with red cushions

Some pits are half and half, one area is left open.

sunken pit facing ocean

Some bold color choices here!

bed in background sunken pit in foreground purple chairs

Many people think that a conversation pit (or otherwise known as a sunken living room) is a thing of the past, being most popular in the 50’s through to the 70’s. However, we think they’re fantastic! You can relax on your own, with a partner or friends…  read a book, enjoy a drink, have a nap or just simply gather your thoughts. The possibilities are endless! All of the styles we have gathered below show that these conversation pits can be designed in a modern and stylish way. 

sunken pit with stone rocks and fire

This design is bursting with character!

sunken pit surrounding fire with trees in the background

Modern yet classic.

round beige modern sunken pit indoors

We can imagine some very chilled nights taking place here.

white square sunken pit red cushions

What an incredible view!

outdoor sunken pit with fire on beachfront


Perfect for a warm summer evening.

white square outdoor conversation pit

There is truly something to suit everyone’s tastes on this list! Modern and luxurious or homely and old school, take your pick! We love the whole sunken theme of these conversation pits. The dipping quite literally adds depth and dimension to the area that makes you feel somewhat like you’ve entered another room.

sunken living room square with wood floor and fire place

The lighting here is well suited.

outdoor conversation pit with beige seating white surroundings

Spa vibes.

small sunken pit with mosaic tiles trees in background

Conversation pits don’t have to stand out like a sore thumb. Look how nicely this one blends!

indoor sunken pit lounge area with coffee table and tv

We adore this central fire pit feature!

circular sunken pit with gray seating black fire in the middle

Perfect for a hotel hang out area.

outdoor sunken pit with Jacuzzi and mosaic floor

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