Fart Filter Personal Flatulence Plug

Do you know someone who farts a lot? Save your friends and loved ones from utter embarrassment by giving them this Fart Filter Personal Flatulence Plug. Farting is a normal and natural occurrence, the digestive activity of passing gas itself is nothing to be ashamed of. However, it is the aftereffect of it that causes the embarrassment. This is why we try to hold it in especially when there are other people around. It’s somehow much better to feel the discomfort of suppressing a passing gas than to fill the air with stinky bugger which eventually leads to absolute humiliation.

With this innovative Fart Filter, you can break wind as much as you need without losing face. This tiny plug can be easily inserted into the anus. Once settled, it feels as if nothing’s there! The flatulence plug, as the name suggests, is designed to neutralize odor of the foul-smelling gas and mask the smell as it passes. With a flatus that smells great, you can now fart even in public places. You don’t have to worry about giving off fetid gas anymore. People around you will even thank you for farting and filling the air with a pleasant scent.


Fart Filter

fart filter personal flatulence plug

The Fart Filter comes with 12 different plugs in various colors and scents to match the smell of each month. The February plug, for example, gives off flowers and chocolate scent that instantly reminds you of Valentine’s Day. It also comes in color pink to represent romance and affection. The December plug will make your fart smell like peppermint and candy reminiscent of the festive holiday. And it comes in color red which represents Christmas. Every month, you can have your fart blend into the surroundings and go with the seasonal fragrance flow.


Comes With 12 Different Plugs

fart filter prank box

So, how would the recipient react to this awesome product? Would they be delighted with the idea of plugging some ‘gas freshener’ into their anus? Of course, not! Thankfully, the Fart Filter isn’t a real thing. This is simply an empty box with highly realistic depiction of the absurd product intended for pranks. Each side of the prank box features convincing photos and descriptions with professional layout that resembles an actual product. It even features the item’s patented 5-stage design and awesome attachments including the silencer extension, gold-plated filter housing, and an 18-inch necklace holder.

fart filter prank box details

You can just imagine their hilarious reaction when they unwrap the box and find a strange product that promises to make their fart smell like Christmas. Expect the disappointment (or perhaps appreciation) as they read the well-written description on the box. Just to be more surprised when they open the box and see the real gift inside. Yup, the Fart Filter doesn’t exist. That’s definitely the best gift you could give to anyone. One happy buyer wrote:

“My husband unwrapped this and gave me the most intense death glare and said whatever the heck it was better be returnable. I wish I was recording his reaction! Thankfully, he opened the box without too much coaxing and realized it was a joke.”

personal flatulence plug prank box


personal flatulence plug prank gift box


personal flatulence plug funny prank box

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