13 Images Showcasing The New And Awesome 2017 Cat Calendar By ‘Lingvistov’

You may have already seen a few of our posts based on the awesome works of ‘Lingvistov’. Well, we’re back with a fabulous new edition to make sure you enter 2017 prepared! Below you will see what next year’s cat themed calendar is all about. We think the calendars would make lovely gifts that will put a smile on the faces of everyone that owns one as each new month comes around. But, don’t wait around too long as 2017 will be here before you know it! Check it out!
Website: Lingvistov

We love all the different variances of cats on the cover!

Many cat owners can relate to this!

We’re guilty of this too!

Cats do choose the most awkward times to have a stare…

We’ve all been there…

Typical feline antics right here…

The awesome life of a cat.

So, that’s why they do this! 

This couldn’t be more true!

75% of cat/human conversations…

Who would dare to utter those horrible words?!

This makes a lot of sense.

Fair enough cat, fair enough.