Funny Design Ideas That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

Good design is always worth the praise. It is the designer’s aim to construct things that are practically useful and appealing to the eyes as well. But if the design idea went wrong, it doesn’t just draw the attention, it also tickles one’s funny bone. Scroll down to see some funny design ideas that make you wonder ‘why’?!

What’s the purpose of closing the gate?

Why do they need that in school?

Hey everybody! We all need to slim down to be able to pass through!

Different medicines, same design. Be careful what you pick!

When will these bus ads ever learn?

This elevator makes me more dizzy than a roller-coaster ride.

I’m lost for words here. Well, this compass will literally mess up your directions.

Looking at this Star Wars character figure hurts my eye.

Europe has suddenly gone missing.

Someone really doesn’t understand how pie charts work…

There’s something disturbing about this…

I don’t know what’s funnier, Putin’s wink or his inflated forehead?

This mirror shows it all.

This must be a hot country!

For those who like to do absolutely everything together!