Creative Escalator Ads That Are Impossible To Ignore

Throughout the 30 seconds that you’re on an escalator, where do you usually look? For the most part, we have our eyes fixed straight ahead. And companies took advantage of this by putting eye-catching and creative escalator ads that won’t escape anyone’s attention. Since then, escalators have become the ideal platform for advertising. We have gathered a list of the most hilarious and genius escalator ads ever seen…

Most companies will do anything to get your attention, and making creative escalator ads is no exception.

Now we know where those yellow lines came from.

The promise of higher returns by lowering taxes.

Do you really want to know how long is Rapunzel’s hair? Then start measuring that!

Escalators have never looked this tasty.

Welcome to the world of books.

Some of these creative escalator ads look so real.

Hairstyle catalog on an escalator.

Barefoot back massage looks so relaxing.

A fitness-oriented company is telling you to use the stairs. Just do it!

This handrail gives you the silky touch of an irresistibly smooth hair.

We got a mayday!

Sharks can’t tell the difference between plastic bags and humans.

Take a trip into the world of coal mining.

Nothing lasts longer than this battery-operated escalator.

Homer Simpson is here to eat all your donuts!