People Are Sharing Funny Pictures Of Their New “Co-Workers” While Working From Home

We’ve previously featured some photos showing what it’s like working from home with pets during the quarantine period. True, the work-from-home setup is entirely different from the usual office setup. Some officer workers may find it hard to adjust to the unusual working environment at first. But there are also some perks that come with working from home.

First, you get to be close to your loved ones 24/7. Second, you can wear and do whatever you want because there won’t be any supervisor who constantly monitors what you’re doing. Third, you can save yourself from commuting thus saving you a lot of money and time. Fourth, you can customize your own workstation according to your own taste. And lastly, working from home allows you to spend more time with your pets.


When You’re Working From Home And Your Manager Wants A Word With You

working from home pets manager

While you’re working from home for the time being, your pets are probably taking this huge opportunity to steal your attention from your work. They would sit on your laptop, chew off your computer cords and invade your work area. Or they just simply sit next to you with their ‘Puss in Boots’ eyes as if begging you to play with them instead.

Having the company of pets while working from home isn’t actually a distraction. But rather, it gives a boost of inspiration and encouragement to perform better at work. And this perk is something we’re not allowed to have in the actual office environment. Since most of us are now in quarantine, people have been sharing photos of their daily scenarios. And our newest favorite are the ones showing their cute pets acting as supportive co-workers or stern supervisors. Check out our list of funny ‘co-worker’ pets pics to help make you feel better during these troubled times.


“My lab assistant keeps falling asleep on the job”

lab assistant falls asleep


“One of the benefits of working from home”

working from home cat co-worker


“Do you have an appointment?”

gatekeeper dog


“Tech Support: Woof can I do for you?”

dog working from home laptop


“Dr Jones and I having a mini office meeting as we work together to convert lectures into video recordings.”

working from home meeting with cat


“My new coworker who occasionally snores during the conference calls. Something many would like to do”

dog snores during conference calls


“TFW your assistant doesn’t know their rightful place”

cat invades work station


“My co-worker found the sun spot on the carpet”

working from home co-worker spot


“Reggie kept nudging my hand earlier….turns out he just wanted to hold my hand!”

working from home dog wants to touch hand


“My team mate is imploring me to switch off the PC and take my daily exercise”

working from home dog pleads for playtime


“It’s only been 3 days and I’m already having to share a desk with my new office mate.”

sharing the desk with a new co-worker


“Office assistants demanded 100 naps a day”

office assistants 100 naps a day


“I don’t remember my coworkers being this clingy…”

clingy pets working from home


“This is what working from home looks like at my house.”

dog invades work station


“Angus, grumpy senior cat, continues to ignore physical distancing requirements. His favourite resting spots are: the keyboard, the mouse, or in front of the monitor.”

cat wants human attention


“It’s business as usual for this doggo”

dog using laptop


“I have some very eggciting news! I’ve been named da Employee of da Month”

dog employee of the month


“I left for ONE MINUTE during a commercial break. Now my agent calls and tells me he’s representing them instead. Nice.”

dogs steals spotlight


“Birds are busy supervising today”

supervisor bird


“My new assistant seems to be settling in well!”

working from cat assistant


“There is no ‘working from home’ allowed.”

cat prohibits working from home


“The cat is trying to steal my job…”

cat trying to steal job


“This working from home lark is a doddle!”

working from home dog watching sheep videos


“The challenges of working from home”

working from home cat invades office chair