You’ll Never Guess What This Guy Found Hidden Inside His Car Door

So, imagine this: you buy a new car, well, actually, it’s second hand. There’s a problem with the window mechanism in one of the doors. Being a bit of a DIY fan, you dismantle the door to see if you can fix it, only to find there’s a black bag wedged inside the door panel, making it impossible for the window to work. Cool, so you’ve found the problem. Now, what is this bag, anyhow?

The door as it was when the car was purchased! Lovely looking piece of kit, just what any car owner would want to see.

Looking into the problem… Trouble is as the old saying goes, it’s not what’s on the outside, it’s what’s on the inside that counts! In this case that couldn’t be more true.

Oh, what’s that? The guy peels back the plastic casing that seems to have been glued on. He spots something hidden inside and decides to take a close look.

It appears to be a bag of some sort. Also isn’t this like some kind of fire hazard?! I guess it would be no different than the upholstery in the car but still!

Let’s get it out of the way! As you can see he didn’t want you missing anything. Even when it’s moved an inch from where it was in the last pic. Jokes aside though, I would be buzzing to see what’s inside. On the other hand I’d also be thinking what if it’s chemical…

A closer look at the bag… If anything the guy’s got a new bag. So I’m thinking he’s up on the deal so far!

…but what’s this inside of it? Looks kind of weird. I’d definitely be worried about finding a banana skin like that. It’s looking far too fresh for my liking. On another note, what could those blocks be? Money? Drugs? Or just solid blocks of tape…

Let’s cut those packages open! If this is monopoly money it would make my day.

Woah! It’s cash!

Lots of cash!

What a find! This guy actually bought this car at a police auction, we wonder if he returned the cash to the authorities? Would you? Well I’d definitely keeping the bag and tape. Possibly even use the banana skin for the garden. I wouldn’t walk away empty handed!