40 People Share Photos Of What It’s Like Working From Home With Pets

If you are in need of something to lift your spirits amidst this current crisis then we’ve got you covered. Adorable pets never fail to make us happy. Their cuteness and affection make a perfect formula to bring joy into our lives. And we’re in dire need of these things right now. So, we’re bringing you these photos of cute animal companions that made working from home more pleasant.

In order to slow down the spread of the novel pandemic, everyone is mandated to stay at home. Some countries are now on a lockdown and citizens are advised to undergo self-quarantine. This is to minimize chances of contacting the contagious virus. And this also means that employees are required to work from home and take advantage of social network to resume workflow. Apparently, those who are accustomed to the office workplace will have a hard time adjusting to this new working environment. Moreover, they may have a difficult time working remotely since they are used to interact with their co-workers.


Clingy pets are rather excited to see their owners working from home

But working from home isn’t all that bad. Although it may come as an unusual experience for some office workers, there are also some perks that come with it. They’ll have more time for extra sleep because they won’t have to worry about getting up early just to get to office in time. And if they happen to own lovely pets, they can have the company of the sweetest companions while they work. Well, you may think that this would be more of a distraction. Imagine having your clingy dog trying to snuggle with you or your attention-seeking cat trying to sit on your lap as you try to get work done.

Pets trying to invade our workplace may be the cutest distraction we can ever have. They are probably excited to see us staying at home instead of our usual routine of leaving home for work. So, they tend to be clingier to us more than ever. Recently, people have been sharing photos of their favorite animal companions trying to be the best co-workers for their beloved humans. And as you can see, this is definitely the greatest perk of working from home. Furthermore, we all need a dose of cuteness overload to help us through home quarantine.

During this stressful situation, a little bit of happiness goes a long way. For this reason, we’ve compiled the cutest photos of pets trying to get their owner’s attention while these people try to focus on their work. It’s nice to look at the bright side of life and possess a positive outlook despite this pandemic scare. Let these adorable photos make you feel better in some ways.