The Portable Pet Loader Stairs Are Great For Helping Small Or Elderly Dogs Into The Car

We all know that some dogs, if not most, struggle with elevated surfaces. This can be due to varying reasons including but not limited to fear, weight, age and other injuries. Luckily, you can now get a Pet Loader to help your pooch climb onto elevated areas easily and safely.

Essentially, it’s a set of stairs that features an accordion fold design that offers a low angle of ascent and descent. Covered with washable carpeting, each tread also provides excellent traction every step of the way. As such, it’s generally wider and more stable than a usual pet ramp. And since it’s foldable and lightweight, it’s more portable than most pet stairs on the market.

Pet Loader

You can use it to give your pooches easy access to your car whenever you’re going out for a ride. It’s ideal for vehicles with high ground clearances like SUVs, trucks and campers. Similarly, you can attach it to other elevated surfaces like bed or couch. You can also use it to help your dogs get on the table easily for a quick grooming.

Golden Retriever Getting Into a Car Using Pet Loader


These pet loading stairs are particularly helpful for older dogs and dogs with knee injuries…Brown Dog Getting Off a Couch through 3-step Foldable Dog Stairs


…as well as big dog breeds that are too heavy to carry

Pet Loader Founders Bob and Evon Whalen and Their Dog

To use it, simply unfold the stairs to the full length. Then, secure the top platform on the elevated surface and the bottom platform on the ground. Lastly, set the angle of ascent and descent that’s suitable for your pet and secure the turn knobs.

White Dog Getting Into a Car through 4-step Foldable Dog Stairs

The foldable pet stairs are available in four basic models—Mini, Ultra Light, Light and XL. The stairs primarily differ in width and platform materials. The Mini and Ultra Light variants feature an aluminum platform, while the Light and XL variants feature a plastic platform.

The Mini variant is ideal for small dogs weighing 2 to 20 pounds. The Ultra Light and Light variants are for medium to large dogs weighing 20 to 150 pounds. Lastly, the XL variant is for extra large dogs weighing 150 pounds to 250 pounds.

Pet Loader Model Guide for Different Sizes of Dogs

In addition, you can choose the number of steps—3, 4 or 5—depending on the height of your vehicle. The height ranges from 16 to 20 inches for the 3-step variant; 20 to 30 inches for the 4-step variant; and 29 to 40 inches for the 5-step variant.

Pet Loader Height Ranges


Black Dog on a Couch


3-step Pet Loader Stairs Unfolded


3-step Pet Loader Stairs Folded


Brown Dog Getting Off a Van through 3-step Foldable Dog Stairs


4-step Pet Loader Stairs Unfolded


4-step Pet Loader Stairs Folded


White Dog Getting Into a Car through 5-step Foldable Dog Stairs


5-step Pet Loader Stairs Unfolded


5-step Pet Loader Stairs Folded

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Watch this video to see the Pet Loader in action