People Who Tried To Fool Others With Their Obvious Lies

You’ve got to be a good actor to fool others with your lies. Experts say that there are 7 types of liars. But for us, there are only two types of them in this world. There are good liars and bad liars. Good liars are those who can convince other people with their lies and get away with it. While bad liars are those who attempt to fool others but probably just end up looking foolish themselves. Good liars make lies stealthily while bad liars make blatant lies in the most outrageous fashion. Here are some examples of the bad liars showing that lying isn’t all that bad. Some lies can also be crazy and funny.


Look, guys! I got myself a new Ferrari!

You’ll find the hair in there if you look hard enough.

The BMW with the lowest maintenance costs.

While we are currently implementing some cost cutting measures, this bottle of water will do just as well.

Enroll now to experience a total transformation. Seems like it works.

More or less the same thing, right?

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Obvious lies that didn’t work out


Drastic measures due to theft.

I don’t think I need a massage right now…

When the logo comes alive.

Almost the same. Almost.

Probably would fool non car enthusiasts.

Because it’s all about the brand. Probably the most blatant lie.

Rather believable, wouldn’t you agree?

And finally, a very awake guy who is definitely not asleep, therefore listening very attentively…