Funny Sibling Stories That Show How Crazy It Gets Sometimes

The sibling life can be both crazy and hilarious at times. There are many funny sibling stories that people will relate to if you grew up with a sibling. Whether it’s a silly prank, or perhaps a fight over a TV remote, these experiences are not as bad as other people think. Finding a common ground may be a challenge, but that’s what makes sibling life more fun sometimes.

Here we have some funny sibling stories that show how crazy it gets sometimes. Because having a sibling is double the fun.


This brother asked his little sister for an Apple Watch after his heart surgery.

A brother gave his sister a note than contained a secret message written in invisible ink.

Things brothers do when their little sister is sleeping.

When you left your sister at home.

When there are early signs of middle child syndrome.

When honesty is this funny.

When you have a sister who is this savage.

When you’re the only sibling.

This brother changed his little sister’s graduation photo.

When you have the world’s “okayest” sibling.

When your sister gave you the gift of the year.

Hilarious stories all siblings will relate to

How about building this to block your brother’s sea view?

When there are two kinds of brothers.

When your only joy in life is to scare your sister.

This sister and her sibling just had an argument.

Simple joys in an older brother’s life.

When you ask your brother to look after your dog.

And here’s an accurate photo of brothers.

When you don’t want a younger brother.

When this brother wrapped all the contents of his sister’s refrigerator.

When you refuse to give up the front seat.

This brother gave him a new suitcase Christmas.

Another funny sibling story. Imagine coming home only to find your brother do this to your room.

When you received the best housewarming gift from your sister.

Never leave your packages to your little brother.

When you have a supportive sibling.