Funny Screenshots Of People That Got Busted For Lying

It’s easy to portray yourself and your life in a certain way on social media. However, a lot of the time, people lie just to make their lives seem cooler online. Sometimes people get away with their misgivings, but other times they are hilariously caught out! Here we have some funny screenshots of people who got busted for lying. Take a look!

Online pro tip: When “bragging” about what you did during the holidays, at least find a photo that cannot be easily found on Google.

Another online pro tip: Examine the photograph for watermarks. If there’s any, crop.

Um, why you lying?

Referring to the real YouTube though, who would ever put their phones into cake mix purposely, and bake it?

Uh oh, busted!

Shame on you dude. 

This is also a proof that you CAN take any photo you like online and post it as your own. It’s not guaranteed that you won’t get busted, though.

In his defense, who wouldn’t want to be in a relationship with this girl?

This is also a symbolic gesture of her commitment to lying on social media.

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This is a lesson to everyone. 

In this case, whose fault is it? Time’s or the one who posted this? Hmmm…

Everybody has pseudonyms… In this case, her artist pseudonym is already taken by a legit one.

This photo is hard to determine if it’s plain sarcasm or just plain stupidity.

The last comment wins! You have to do better next time, buddy.

Do it for the ‘gram. Or in this case, do it for the snap!

This would mean they’re both in the club, though.

There could be two sides behind this conversation. The one who posted this lied, or both him and the hairdresser are just big fans of Jimmy Kimmel’s show.

Even on social media, moms will never stop being a mom. Plus, let this be a reminder that we will always be on out mother’s watch.

“May our lives be as cool as what we post in social media!”