This Monopoly Themed Proposal Will Inspire You To Get Creative With Your Own Ideas


On Christmas morning of 2014, Justin Lebon handed his girlfriend Michal Ott a wrapped present. When she opened it, she was excited to find a very rare and special-looking Monopoly board. As the couple sat down to play, Michal was unaware that Justin had hired a woodworker, Mark Becker, to design and make the special board that included a special 'Chance' card, loaded dice and a secret compartment. Justin handed Michal the dice and she rolled a 7… the only number possible with the loaded dice. She landed on the 'Chance' square. Justin handed her the special card that read 'will you marry me?'. Excitedly she asked 'is this real?', going on to follow the instructions on the card which read 'if yes, advance to luxury tax square'. She moved her piece and her husband-to-be dropped to his knees and removed the ring from the board's secret compartment. Epic! Check it out!
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