Pillsbury’s Hot Cocoa Cookie Dough Is Coming Back And It’s Packed With Marshmallow Flavored Chips

Did you miss the yummy Hot Cocoa Cookie Dough from Pillsbury? Well, rejoice because the flavor is returning again this year. What’s more, it can now be eaten straight from the package. Pillsbury doesn’t seem to be slowing down on its ready-to-eat cookie dough. The food company started this year by bringing back its previous flavors. Only this time, the raw cookie dough is in an edible form. This means that this new range of cookie dough is safe to eat without baking.

Since hot cocoa-flavored treats will be all the rage for the upcoming days, it’s no surprise that Pillsbury’s Dough is coming back again this year. Not only does it return with a new packaging. But it’s now better than ever because it is now safe to eat it raw. The edible hot cocoa-flavored dough is loaded with marshmallow-flavored chips and chocolate chips.


No-Bake Hot Cocoa Cookie Dough

pillsbury hot cocoa cookie dough

If you love hot cocoa, you are going to love these cookies because they taste just like a cup of hot chocolate. Now, that’s a perfect way to get into the holiday spirit this early. Although these edible cookies are safe to eat raw, you can still opt to bake them if you prefer your traditional cookies. But if you want your cookie in its chewy, more concentrated form then go ahead and have as much as you want straight from the package.



Just like last year’s version, this ready-to-eat dough also comes in a 14-oz pack containing 12 cookies. This means they’ll be twice as big as Pillsbury’s regular 24-count cookies. Bake them or eat them raw, it’s up to you. You can also pair it with a nice cup of hot cocoa to get into the Christmas vibe even more.