Romanian Designer Eduard Locota Creates Stunning Stone And Acrylic Furniture That Incorporates The Beauty Of Nature

Nature’s beauty is undeniable. It’s so beautiful that we can’t help but decorate our homes with indoor plants. Then, there are those who prefer to furnish their living space with nature-inspired furniture. And usually, when we say ‘nature-inspired’ furniture, we think of pieces carved from wood (or grown from the ground up, in Gary Munro’s case). But another brilliant idea has challenged this furniture norm. Romanian furniture designer Eduard Locota has defied the woody standards with his stone and acrylic furniture creations. The pieces of his 2017 delMare collection are especially wondrous, and when asked about his inspiration, Locota said,

“Inspired by my love and respect for nature, my purpose is to create vibrant functional artwork that can achieve harmony between modern space and natural space.”

The collection was Locota’s follow-up to the delMare table he unveiled in 2016. The delMare table resembles the ocean floor, which invites observers to stare and wonder about the depths of this uniquely hypnotic creation. Each of Locota’s functional sculptures look like slices taken from the Earth. His work mainly features stunning landscapes and mesmerizing seascapes. The monolithic works comprise of layers upon layers of different shades of acrylic glass poured over marble.


Eduard Locota creates acrylic furniture inspired by the majesty of nature

By melding together acrylic glass and stone, Locota eloquently captures the distinctive primordial relationship between solid rock and fluid water. His sculptural furniture creations are unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. Conventional, mass-produced furniture are light, easy to piece together and convenient.

In comparison, Locota’s creations are solid, one-of-a-kind, limited and made to stand the test of time. For example, his delMare table is limited to only 35 pieces, and they will never be exactly the same as the other. His enchanting acrylic furniture has catapulted Locota to fame and distinction. You won’t find his creations in just any showroom – in fact, you won’t really find them anywhere because his work mostly belongs to private collections, including that of some royal families!


“I am part of a rare breed of contemporary artists that carves and sculpt all of their works on their own. I am doing all the designs and making all the preparations and then working on my sculptures all the way through, until they are finished.”


“I consider this to be the honorable way that allows me to put my signature on all my artworks. I’ve always focused toward unparalleled results, practical abilities, high creativity and excellence. I specialize in out-of-the-box designs, that combines alternative materials and uses modern techniques to achieve artworks that exudes emotions.”


His 2017 delMare collection features a furniture creation inspired by a geographical wonder

Locota’s 2017 delMare collection features several stunning pieces inspired by land and sea. And the La Falaise bench and side table is undoubtedly the pièce dé résistance. The bench looks exactly like the world famous La Falaise d’Étretat or “The Cliffs in Étretat” in Normandy, France. This colossal landscape is famous for its white chalk cliffs, which has made it a popular travel destination. It has also made regular appearances on the silver screen. And now, thanks to Locota’s creative genius, this iconic location can now become a part of your home. Locota said that it is a “radical experimentation of materials and forms, and most complex exploration of the Fern Green color”.

The La Falaise bench and side table features a fusion of Jemsonite and acrylic glass that come in a range of enchantingly vivid verdant hues. But what sets the La Falaise bench and side table from the collection is that it looks more like a sculpture than furniture. Over 200 kilograms (or 440 pounds) of materials were used to make this striking furniture. It takes Locota around 4 to 6 weeks to finish one La Falaise set and he will only make 15 of these breathtaking functional sculptures. So if you’ve got €23,000 (around $27K!) to spare and you’re looking to reinvent your living space, you’d best grab the opportunity!


Each furniture piece is massive, distinct and in a way, magical

Now, we’ve said that Locota’s creations are largely inspired by nature. However, this is not entirely the case for the Crete Table. Which, despite being inspired by the Mediterranean Sea, takes some cues from architecture. This table’s unique form is inspired by the monumental arches that you would find in cathedral architecture. Over 100 layers of acrylic resin were poured over a massive white marble base to create this stunning piece. The colors of the Crete Table will change depending on how the light strikes it. After all, it’s got 100 layers of individually blended colors inside!

This is definitely a piece you and your guests (no matter how frequently they visit) will never get tired of. This custom piece weighs over 1100 kilograms, and there will only be 5 versions of it made due to the difficulty of the process. As of writing, Locota still offers the Crete Table in small and large, starting at €23,500.


The Wave Lounge will complete a sea lover’s home


“Be prepared to take a large slice of wave right into your home.”

You’ve seen how wonderfully Locota can fuse together acrylic glass and stone to create a work of art that doubles as furniture. But the Wave Lounge is just acrylic glass. 60 layers of it, in fact. This monolithic sculptural piece is yet another daring creation by Locota that “exploits the relationship between man and water, between solid and fluid”. In other words, if you’ve ever wished that you could sit on top of a wave… now’s your chance! The lounge chair resembles two wave crests where you can lie back and let your worries melt away.

Locota poured over 200 kilograms of acrylic glass to create this ‘frozen wave’ lounge chair. Then, he spent 20 days pouring 60 layers of liquid acrylic to achieve the Wave Lounge’s mesmerizing colors that’s sure to inspire emotions like wanderlust or pure relaxation. The hands-on designer and artist shared that he would add a decorative layer of blue and turquoise after every 3 consecutive layers to give the Wave Lounge its “irregular energy and hue of a wave”. It takes roughly 2 months for Locota to transform flat acrylic glass into a Wave Lounge, so he has limited its production to 5 editions only. This massive 190 kilogram-heavy wave can be yours for €29,000.


Liven up your home with Eduard Locota’s vibrant acrylic furniture

Unlike the other pieces in Locota’s 2017 delMare collection that burst with seemingly restless energy, the Immerso Table and chairs take a more tranquil mood. Its creator describes the piece as a symbol of harmony. It doesn’t have busy, overly obvious overlapping layers. Instead, its layers seamlessly blend together to create a smooth gradient. It starts with deep, dark shades of blue that gracefully lighten until it reaches its transparent top layer. The brilliant blue furniture resembles gem pendants that are sure to brighten up your space. Only 99 Immerso sets were made by Locota.


The Immerso Table and Chairs resemble still waters that evoke feelings of peace and harmony


Each and every piece of furniture that Locota creates is unique

But if you’d rather have a bigger, oceanic acrylic table, the Azzuro Table is for you. However, this piece appears to have reached its production limit already. Fortunately, Locota has created new collections of acrylic furniture since the introduction of the 2017 delMare line. He has also created several seascaped-inspired wall art, if you want to give your walls a splash of vibrant color. Locota hand-signs and dates every piece he makes. He will also give you a certificate of authenticity. Which among his creations made you say “wow”? Tell us in the comments below!


Source: Eduard Locota Website | Facebook | Instagram