Trash Compactor Bin

Let’s just admit it, we all hate taking out the trash. Unluckily for us, there’s just no way we could shirk this near-daily stinky chore, unless you’re okay with your home looking like an indoor dumpsite. But we’re still lucky though, we could just get this manual trash compactor bin to make room for more garbage when you’re simply feeling lazy to get stuck on garbage duty. This ingenious invention allows you to compress the content in your garbage bin without getting your hands dirty (literally). And hopefully, you can pass the responsibility on to the next person who will use the garbage bin. Now, that’s clever thinking.

This manual trash compactor bin makes the most of the capacity of your garbage bin. When the amount of rubbish in the bin is nearing the brim that you can’t even shut the lid, simply pull up the handle on the front and push it down. As you push down the handle, two arms automatically close in on the plastic liner. So, you can press it down without having to touch a thing inside the plastic bag. It allows you to flatten out all the junk inside and squeeze out trapped air to create more space in the can without the icky mess. Then lift the handle to let the arms return the plastic liner to its place.


Trash Compactor Bin

trash compactor bin 90 liters

Its hygienic compaction system reduces trash volume by 66%. So, you can take out trash 3x less often and use fewer linens compared to standard household garbage bins. That’s not all, this manual trash compactor bin has an integrated odor filter compartment located inside the lid. This holds replaceable carbon filters that absorb unpleasant smells from the wastes to neutralize the odor. It also features anti-tear design that won’t stretch or pinch the plastic liner. This unit is compatible with standard trash bags. To put the liner in place, lift one of the arms and insert one side of the liner’s opening. Do the same with the other arm then push the bottom part of the liner down into the bin.

trash compactor bin


trash compactor bin odor filter


trash compactor bin stainless steel


garbage can compaction system stainless steel


trash compactor bin compaction system


garbage can compaction system carbon filter compartment


rechangeable carbon filter


trash compactor bin patented compaction system

You can buy custom-fit liners and replacement carbon filters separately. This easy-to-use trash compactor bin features a durable construction with lid-stay feature, fingerprint-proof coating, and heavy duty foot pedal for hands-free operation. The unit is available in stainless steel and stone finishes. It comes in 3 different sizes: 20 liters, 30 liters, and 90 liters. A customer review reads:

“Very useful bin, compacts well and easily. This is a very well made and sturdy bin, very easy to use to compact rubbish. It has reduced my use of bin sacks considerably, a bag now lasts 3 weeks, very impressed.”

trash compactor bin stone


garbage can compaction system stone


trash compactor bin stone color


trash compactor bin stainless steel 90 liters


garbage can compaction system fingerprint proof


garbage can compaction system foot pedal


garbage can compaction system 90 liters


garbage can compaction system

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