Artist Crafts A Leather Facehugger Mask To Help Protect Him From The Virus

Normally, you’d want to avoid getting alien creatures on your face. But this facehugger face mask replica will make you want to wear one all the time. This cool-looking mask features an amazing replica of the notorious monster from the iconic film series Alien. It still literally hugs the face. But instead of brutally implanting its embryo down the host’s throat, this leather mask will keep the wearer safe from catching a deadly virus.

The coronavirus pandemic has turned face masks into a necessity. And since it has become the new normal, some people are finding ways to make it look more awesome. As everyone is adapting to the new ways of life, more and more people have been coming up with unique face mask designs to make the new normal less normal, if you get what we mean. Face coverings in various designs, ranging from cute and neat to badass and hilarious, have been all over the internet. But this facehugger version is definitely something you can’t unsee even if you try.


Facehugger Face Mask

This face mask was created by a UK-based artisan leatherworker James of Pirate’s Leatherworks. After he shared the photo of his Alien-inspired face covering, many people have been asking if he’s putting it up for sale. Pirate’s Leatherworks has an Etsy shop where they sell traditional handmade leather products. Unfortunately, the viral face mask is not listed on the shop just yet.

facehugger face mask leather replica

People are impressed with the incredible details on the face mask. It features the alien monster’s multiple limbs grasping on the wearer’s face, its tail wrapping around the wearer’s neck, as well as its breathing flaps right below the wearer’s chin. Of course, it is entirely made from leather in brown finish to make it look close to the actual thing.


This Alien-Inspired Face Cover Is Made Entirely Of Leather

facehugger face mask


facehugger face mask inner layer

James revealed that the face mask was made from a pattern he found on Etsy. It is made up of almost 60 separate parts sewn together to create the awesome replica. It took him around 3 days to finish it. When asked when the Alien-inspired mask will be available on his Etsy shop, James said that his order book is currently full but it should be listed on the shop soon.

alien-inspired face covering replica

alien-inspired face covering leather replica

Check back to his Etsy shop regularly to see if the face mask is already up for sale. If you want to exercise your creativity and make your own then you can also get the pattern here just like James did.