People Share Their Unique Face Mask Designs And They Don’t Disappoint

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, everyone is required to wear head protection every time they go out. Since wearing a surgical mask is the norm nowadays, people have been coming up with clever face mask designs. Of course, if they’re going to wear something to protect themselves from the virus, they might as well stand out.

Recently, more people can be seen wearing fantastic face protection covers, both out in the open and on social media. Some people are flaunting their exquisite facial coverings while others show off their hilarious designs. And while other have the luxury to buy expensive masks, some creative people are creating their own DIY face masks.


People are showing off their creative face mask designs

funny face mask designs

Wearing a surgical mask won’t protect you from contracting coronavirus. But it can help prevent the wearer from spreading the virus to other people. Although it won’t completely protect you from the virus, it effectively minimizes the risk of transmission. But take note that masks are effective only if you know how to properly use and dispose them. Furthermore, it should be used in combination with frequent hand-washing to help you get rid of any existing virus.

blue beak medical mask

Aside from surgical masks, there are also other face protection options ranging from N95 respirators and makeshift face covers. Face mask shortage is a problem in some countries. So, people have no choice but to make one for themselves. Apparently, DIY face masks have given people the opportunity to apply their creativity. The design range from stylish to geeky and funny ones are the newest trend right now.

student makes transparent surgical mask
Ashley Lawrence

Fashionable facial covers will certainly make heads turn everywhere you go. Hilarious designs will surely put a smile on everyone’s faces. And geeky face masks will absolutely impress everyone around you. The choice is up to you. And if you’re looking for some ideas, take a hint from these creative people who took face masks to a whole new level.

funny face mask designs respirator


3d printed filtration mask


funny face mask designs beard


geeky creative respirator


surgical mask with drinking hole


funny face mask designs realistic lips


custom respirator


spiderman inspired custom respirator