Amazing Pictures That Prove Time Changes Everything

It’s no secret that time changes things. Whether it be people and animals or buildings and possessions, as the years pass transformations are often happening without us realizing. It is only when you really stop to look at the details or make comparisons to things from the past that you notice how drastically things have changed. Here we have some amazing pictures that prove time changes everything. There are some really fascinating images in the mix that we know you’re going to enjoy looking at. Check them out below! 

Sanded Branch

This branch has been sanded down by the brick it has rubbed against for several years. 

Power Washing

Isn’t this transformation wonderfully satisfying?

Unchanged Carpet

This carpet hasn’t been changed since the 70’s. The faded route is the quickest way to access the kitchen! 

Awesome Pattern

This is what one year of stirring coffee in the same cup looks like… 

13 Years Captured

This vaccination tag was worn for 13 years. It looks like that because it would rub against a water bowl. 

Bell Indent

The bell has gradually worn down the door! 

Fax Machine

A heavily used fax machine. 

Floor Fossil

The different layers of flooring make the area look like a fossil! 

Prayer Spot

A monk prayed in the same spot every day for 20 years and this is what happened to the floor boards. 

Handle Before Vs After

The handle of the left is brand new. The handle on the right has been worn down over 15 years at a science museum. 

Only An Outline Remains

The outline where a building used to be. 

Two Identical Bears

Both of these bears were purchased in 1985 at the same time. The one on the left has been used for 30 years. The one on the right was put into storage to be given to the first child born to the person who used the bear on the left. Adorable! 

Life Cycle Of A Penny

The interesting life cycle of a penny. 

Scorch Marks

The scorch marks in the grass as the sun moves…

Some of these images have left us mind blown! It really is crazy how much changes over time. Sometimes things occur so gradually, it’s shocking when you properly make a past vs present comparison. Our world, and the people in it, truly are incredible. These images have taught us to stop for a moment and properly take in and appreciate the things around us. Keep going to see even more fascinating examples of amazing pictures that prove time changes everything! 

Marble Indents

Indents in the marble at a bank caused simply by people standing in the same spots over the years. 

Fresh Notes Vs Used Notes

Fresh notes vs used notes… 

Backwards And Forwards

The wood has become worn from the wind blowing the plants backwards and forwards. 

Cup Comparison

Two of the same Pocahontas glasses 20 years apart. 

Overused Pole

The depth of how many posters have been applied to this pole is shocking! 

Victorian Portrait

The radio button has worn down to look like a Victorian portrait. 

Shaving Brush Comparison

Two of the same shaving brushes 30 years apart. 

Worn Steel Plate

A worn down steel plate at an amusement park. 

Sun Damage

Sun damage after 25 years of being a lorry driver. 

Wood Flooring Comparison

16 years of sunlight on hard wood flooring. The darker area was covered by a rug.

Untouched Middle Seat

A seemingly untouched middle seat on a bench for the public. 

Dented Steps

Worn down steps that lead to the Leaning Tower of Pisa. 

Dominos Table

Many years of Dominos games have left this table worn out! 


This mat has welcomed many people in its time.