A Japanese Company Have Come Up With Cat-Shaped Sandals That Are Beyond Adorable

At least we can all agree that when it comes to quirky inventions, Japan is undoubtedly the front runner. Japanese companies never fail to amaze the world with their awesome and crazy products. While Japan is known for its first-rate cars, computers, robots, and electronic appliances, the country is also renowned for its odd merchandises such as weird beauty products, bizarre gadgets, and many more. So, if you’re looking for something out of the ordinary, Japan is the most ideal place to visit. Another surprising thing about Japanese people is their fondness of cats. There are several cat-themed products in Japan that could surely satisfy all cat-lovers. But let’s try to steer away from their quirky products for now and go for something cutesy this time. We present to you these cat-shaped sandals directly from the land of the rising star.

cat-shaped sandals japan

Nara Getaya, a Nara-based shoe company, specializes in making geta, a traditional Japanese sandal. A traditional geta sandal looks like a combination of a flip-flop and a clog. Because the Japanese adore cats so much, the shoe company decided to revamp the traditional footwear and shaped them like cats. The shoe company gave the name Nyara Geta for these cat-shaped sandals. Fittingly so, the word Nyara was derived from the words nya (Japanese for ‘meow’) and Nara (the place of origin). With its protruding ears, stout body, and short tail, it is absolutely the cutest footwear in the world.

cat-shaped sandals nara getaya

Unlike the traditional geta sandals that are made of wood, these cat-shaped sandals are made of soft EVA. This allows you to wear these comfy sandals on the beach on warm summer days. This is truly a must-have for all cat-lovers who are also looking for a comfortable footwear. You can buy these adorable cat-shaped sandals on the company website for 3,780 yen ($35) each pair. The sandals are available in nine different designs in two sizes – ladies free size and kids free size.

A Japanese shoe company creates cat-shaped sandals to signify Japan’s adoration for our feline companions

cat-shaped sandals nyara geta


cat-shaped sandals japanese shoe company


cat-shaped sandals soft eva


cat-shaped sandals japan nyara geta

Source: Narageta