Photos Of Nature That Prove It Doesn’t Care About What People Want

Mother Nature is a wonderful and powerful force. You cannot always predict how she will behave and she seems to switch between creating beautiful sights and tragic devastation. Some would say Mother Nature keeps the balance of the world just right by doing this. One thing’s for sure, these photos of nature prove that she will do whatever she pleases! Take a look below to see some fascinating, shocking and beautiful sights…

This combination of snow and sand at the Algerian desert looks like tiramisu!

Photos Of Nature algerian desert sand and snow

The effect that Hurricane Ophelia had on an apple orchard…

Photos Of Nature apple orchard after hurricane

Mother nature answers to no one!

Photos Of Nature do not eat

When you turn up at work but the entrance is blocked off, you know it’s going to be a good day.

Photos Of Nature door covered in snow

We find frozen waterfalls beautiful and fascinating.

Photos Of Nature frozen waterfall

A great photo opportunity…

Photos Of Nature grass lifted

When there’s a risk of flooding around your home, sometimes you have to take things into your own hands!

Photos Of Nature house flood protection

Your life is a game and this is the next checkpoint…

Photos Of Nature rainbow dome

A thin streak of snow across Ohio…

Photos Of Nature snow fall in line

Well, let’s hope that no one had to go anywhere urgently!

Photos Of Nature snow filled door way

Nothing to see here, just another day of heavy rainfall in Ireland…

Photos Of Nature swan at window

Storm Xavier held no prisoners…

Photos Of Nature trees fallen down

There’s a huge pipe leak in heaven…

Photos Of Nature waterfall from sky

The shapes that clouds form into will never cease to amaze us!

Photos Of Nature whipped clouds