10 Clever And Useful Life Hacks From 100 Years Ago That Will Fascinate You

Many of us would have grown up with our parents and grandparents saying ‘back in my day…’, offering their wisdom on how to do certain things. We tend to laugh and shrug it off, however, it is fascinating to know how certain problems were over come without today’s technologies and inventions available. Below you will see techniques, recipes and advice that was printed on cigarette packets 100 years ago. It would be really interesting to try out a few of the ‘hacks’ to see which ones are effective. Take a look!

This is still really useful to this day! 

This sounds much easier than attacking yourself with some tweezers! 

A helpful solution on how to get someone across a river who can’t swim. 

We don’t promote cruelty to animals in any way but sometimes if you’re being attacked you’ve got no choice but to use physical force. 

This simple guide shows a technique that is really easy to follow! 

Staying calm and collected at all points is a must also. 

We wonder if people still do this today?

Information like this comes in so handy! 

It’s nice to know that people still cared about their plants 100 years ago! 

How to overcome an irritating situation that we’ve all faced…