Korean Barista Kangbin Lee Takes Latte Art To A Whole New Level

Several baristas today are already exploring the art of decorating their customer’s latte with what you would call steamed milk art. Indeed, one of them is Korean artist Kangbin Lee. And, he can fascinate you with his colored latte art.

Taking the trend to a higher level, Lee has gone past those typical flower or heart designs. He has, in fact, stepped up to create his “cremart” (as he coins) — and they’re all incredibly detailed. So, you could say that he has a unique form of colored latte art. His canvas? It’s the foamy part of your drink. The design? Well, you could choose from several Disney characters, animals, and well, flowers, too.

One of his most gorgeous creations was Van Gogh’s “Starry Night.” It was a masterpiece! When Lee created this colored latte art, it was such a vibrant representation of the original. The colors were swirling and blending harmoniously like it’s a classic. And that’s without making the drink look or taste bad!

starry night flower colored latte art kangbin lee

One thing that strikes a lot of people in the process of making this colored latte art is its similarity with conventional painting.

First of all, Kangbin Lee begins with a light, creamy, and foamy base. He places this on top of the warm beverage requested by the customer. Then, Lee uses small spoons to scoop various pigments, spreading them nicely over the base. Now, don’t worry — everything here is drinkable!

Moving on, Kangbin Lee applies gentle touches here and there to move the various pigments around. His expert hand won’t disturb the other areas of the foam. The artistic barista also has a thin metal stir stick. That’s his secret weapon in terms of accomplishing those outstanding details such as facial expressions and trees. Kangbin Lee repeats all of the steps above until he achieves the image he desires. You can check out how Lee shows off his magic in the video down below.

Kangbin Lee, a Koren barista, creates colored latte art. Each one looks fantastic and quite detailed.

cinderella colored latte art kangbin lee


aladdin colored latte art kangbin lee


ship colored latte art kangbin lee


aladdin colored latte art kangbin lee

You might think this is Photoshopped at first glance. But, no, it isn’t. Each coffee painting is authentic.

elephant colored latte art kangbin lee


woman moon colored latte art kangbin lee


aladdin colored latte art kangbin lee


cat colored latte art kangbin lee


purple flower colored latte art kangbin lee



cherry blossoms colored latte art kangbin lee



Now, how does Kangbin Lee manage to do it? If you take a look at the latte, you might find it hard to believe that they’re not a work of Photoshop. Well, of course, they aren’t! Just take a few moments to watch his demonstration at Coffee TV. You’ll then see how his cremart is — without a doubt — real.

Here’s how Lee crafts his striking colored latte art:

Source: Kangbin Lee