People Share Their Email And Text Fails That They Wish They Could Undo

Technology is pretty amazing when you stop to think about it. It’s opened up many doors and changed lives all over the world. However, it’s not without its downsides. When you send an email or text, unless you’re some tech wizard, it’s unlikely you can cancel it before the recipient receives the message. This absolutely sucks when you make an embarrassing blunder. Below we have some examples of epic email and text fails. Take a look and prepare to cringe!

How to make a not so great first impression when applying for a job…

Ouch. Going from such a high to such a low is brutal!

How to terrify your entire family all at once!

This is one very cool teacher if you ask us!

Explaining this one would have been interesting!

Oh goodness. This is one of the worst we’ve ever seen!

‘YES, I AM SCREAMING’ Haha! Brilliant.

We can imagine the confused look on Jeffrey’s face upon reading this…

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We like how this one was totally brushed over…

This is just awful!

When you realize you’ve picked the worst possible person to contact…

Email And Text Fails someone found your phone


Sending this to a coworker is not fun!

This is pretty genius. We bet lots of people will do this from now on!

Things could have been much worse. Thank goodness there are some understanding teachers out there!