Times People Asked The Internet To Explain Mysterious Things

One of the great things about the internet is how many people use it. This means that when you have a problem or question and post it online, you have a much higher chance of getting a solution or an answer! Many of you reading this would have done exactly that on numerous occasions. Well, here we have a list of images where people asked the internet to explain mysterious things. Take a look but be warned, some of them might leave you cringing! 

This oxycodone bottle was found in the woods!

This person must have someone looking out for them! 

What does the coffee cup button do?

Someone found an earth pot at work and this was underneath the lid… 

It’s not everyday that you find this hanging on a tree branch! 

There’s a whole lot of ‘nope’ in this photo. 

Why would you pick something like this up?!

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We love the ‘edit’ part! 

We hope that this person phoned animal control! 

This must be a very safe area! We would imagine that people would mess around with these robots… 

People seem to always find strange things on beaches! 

This thing was found floating in a pond… 

This just seems wrong to us. 

If we saw this on a car, we would freak out!