Secret Reasons People Dumped Their Partners But Never Told Them

It’s inevitable that some relationships don’t work out. Sometimes the feeling of wanting to break up is mutual, other times… not so much! Either way, dumping someone is generally not an enjoyable experience. Most normal people don’t like hurting other people’s feelings. It’s for this reason that many of us often shield our other halves from the truth when ending things. Here we have a list of secret reasons people dumped their partners. Take a look and see if you can relate!
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Sometimes something puts you off that you just can’t look past! 

This is also one of our pet hates!

Surely this is something that could have been easily rectified? We can see how the constant mistake would have been irritating though. 

Sometimes enough is enough, you can’t wait forever. 

This does sound like a strange reason but each to their own! 

Well done to this person for knowing that they want more and having the guts to leave to find it. 

No one wants to feel like they’re at school constantly! 

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This kind of controlling behavior is never okay and often escalates into even worse abuse. 

Without trust, what’s the point in being with someone? 

Situations like this can be a real eye opener. 

Treating a person’s phobia as a joke is not acceptable, especially on multiple occasions! 

Well, at least this person ended things instead of cheating. It was the right decision based on what they wanted to do. 

This is heartbreaking. We hope that this person had support and wasn’t alone during this difficult time. 

Political views can be a real deal breaker!