You Can Now Get GPS Tracking Shoe Insoles For People With Alzheimer’s Or Dementia

Track what you love with the GPS tracking shoe insoles. These smart device allows you to monitor the location of whoever is wearing them. Ideal to be used on your loved ones with age-related memory impairment such as Alzheimer’s and dementia. Besides, it is for this reason why these innovative shoe insoles were created. Some degree of cognitive impairment may give older adults higher risk of walking off and getting lost. But thanks to this ingenious product, we can now find our lost loved ones with peace of mind.

Introducing SmartSole, the GPS tracking shoe insoles that have a built-in tracking chip with cellular signal. Use it like a regular insole by inserting it into their shoes. As long as they have it with them, you can track their current location by accessing the GPS tracking chip. You’ll need to use a computer, tablet, or smartphone to open the locator app where you can view their exact location on a map. As long as they are in places that have 2G cellular service connection or higher, you can easily find their location through any device.


The SmartSole will help you track the location of the wearer thru your smartphones

Aside for seniors with memory impairment issues, these GPS tracking shoe insoles can also be used on children. This could really come in handy during trips and hikes where your kids are most likely to wander away from you. Although SmarSole comes in only three sizes, it features trimmable design that allows you to trim it down to specific sizes. The large size can be trimmed down to men’s sizes 15 – 12, the medium size can be trimmed down to women’s size 14 -10, and the small size can be trimmed down to kid’s size 4 – 3.

GPS Shoe insoles


GPS tracking shoes


gps tracking shoe insoles

Before sliding them into the shoes, make sure that the GPS tracking shoe insoles are fully charged. Your purchase includes a charging pad that provides wireless charging. Plug the charger in and simply place the insole on top of it. Look for the target mark at the back side of the insole.

Use that mark to match with the center of the charging pad to recharge. The blue light on the charging pad should turn on along with a beeping sound to indicate that the insole is charging. It usually takes 2 to 4 hours for the insoles to fully charge and it should last around 2 days.


SmarSole comes with a wireless charging pad


These GPS tracking shoe insoles are offered in two different plans – Best Value and Economy Service. But why do I need a plan, you may ask. Just like a smartphone, SmartSole also requires a data plan for connectivity. This is necessary to register your account on the company’s monitoring portal and smart locator app.


The Best Value plan includes the device for $299 and a monthly service fee at $24.98. This plan also comes with free activation, a 5-minute reporting interval, and unlimited geozone perimeter alerts. Geozone alerts is an exclusive feature that allows you to pre-determine a safe zone in or around a specific area. Once the GPS tracking shoe insoles are detected stepping out of the safe zone, you’ll immediately receive a notification via text or email.


On the other hand, the Economy Service includes the device for the same price. But with a lower service plan of only $14.84 a month. This cheaper plan doesn’t come with free activation so you’ll need to pay an additional $24.95 (one-time payment) to activate the device. The Economy Service plan features a 10-minute reporting interval and doesn’t provide geozone alerts.


Learn more about the GPS tracking shoe insoles on the video below

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