Dole Has Released A New Tropical Lemonade And It’s Perfect For Summer

PepsiCo Partners, a beverage and snack provider owned by PepsiCo, is offering a line of refreshing lemonades from different brands including Dole, Brisk and Tropicana. While we love the other two brands, it’s easy to pick Dole as far as real fruit juice is concerned. And if you loved the brand’s iconic pineapple juice then you’re going to love its Tropical Lemonade flavor too.

Recently, Dole released a new range of lemonade drinks in 3 flavors. These include classic, Strawberry and Tropical. All three flavors are made with real lemon juice and real sugar. And all these refreshing drinks can be enjoyed on their own. Or they can be mixed with your favorite spirits to concoct your ideal summer cocktails.


Dole Tropical Lemonade

Now, you might be wondering how the Tropical flavor tastes. So, based on its label, the inclusion of pineapples is probably the biggest hint of all. So, it’s safe to assume that the summery flavor features a hint of pineapple juice mixed with the classic lemonade. Furthermore, it features a yellow-orange color that also gives us the notion that perhaps there’s a splash of orange juice included to.

dole tropical lemonade 24oz bottle
PepsiCo Partners


dole tropical lemonade 2-liter bottle
PepsiCo Partners

The new Dole Tropical drink comes in 12-oz cans, 20-oz bottles and 2-liter bottles. These refreshing beverages have been spotted in stores so keep an eye on the beverage aisle when you next visit the grocery store. Or you can sign up on PepsiCoPartners to place your order and get these drinks online.