Doritos Has A New Tangy Pickle Flavor That’ll Have Pickle Lovers Grabbing Chips By The Handful

Pickles – it’s either you love them with all your taste buds heart or hate them to the core. If you belong to the former group, we have got good news for you. There’s a new Doritos Tangy Pickle Flavor that will satisfy the pickle-lover in you. Now you can savor the salty-sour taste of pickles in crunchy tortilla chips. So, this is basically the ultimate chip for every pickle fanatic out there.

This probably reminds you of the Doritos Intense Pickle chips which were released in 2018. And yes, they’re essentially the same. However, the Intense Pickle was exclusively available in Canada. And it’s only now that the pickle-flavored chips are finally hitting shelves in the US. Of course, we’ll be calling it by a different name and it will be called the Tangy Pickle flavor. But seriously though, what took them so long to bring the flavor to the US?


Doritos Tangy Pickle Flavor

Nevertheless, it’s definitely worth the wait. But let us remind you, just like the Canada-exclusive Intense Pickle chips, the new Tangy Pickle flavor is also a limited-edition offering. So, you know what this means. Let’s stock up and enjoy them while they last. People have been spotting the new pickle-flavored chips at Dollar General. And it appears that this is an exclusive snack so you might want to drop by the nearest Dollar General store on your next trip.




Those who have tried the Intense Pickle chips will surely want to try this new Tangy Pickle flavor to determine which is better. Would it be as intense as its Canadian counterpart? Would it give that tangy vinegary taste that pickle fans love so dearly? We only need to try it out to find the answers. And if you’re looking for a refreshing drink to pair with this pickle-flavored snack then you might want to get this pickle juice in a can. This combo will absolutely give you that pickle flavor overload that you can only dream of.


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I’ve been a fan of Doritos all my life and I have tried most of the myriad of flavors that Frito Lay has to offer. One that has eluded me for quite sometime is the exclusive Dill Pickle flavor in Canada. But fret no more, true believers. For Us Americans are finally on the ball and we got a Tangy Pickle flavor of our own here in the States. Relegated to being a current @DollarGeneral exclusive for the time being. I had to snag these suckers up especially with the sale of 2/$5 this week. Pringles and Lay’s have Bomb ass Dill pickle chips. Let us see if Doritos will follow suit with their own take on the flavor.. Stay tuned. #JunkFood #JunkFoodJunkie #FritoLay #Doritos #DoritosTangyPickle

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