Let Darth Vader Use The Dark Side To Grill Your Food To Perfection

This summer embrace the dark side of the Force with this Darth Vader Grill. We all know that summer isn’t complete without outdoor barbecue parties and get-together nights. So, if you’re planning to have the best summer ever, we highly recommend getting a badass outdoor grill. And nothing screams ‘badass’ louder than this outdoor grill featuring the head of the vicious ‘Dark Lord of the Sith’.

The entire Star Wars fandom went gaga over the Death Star Fire Pit and the TIE Fighter Fire Pits. And if you’re a hardcore Star Wars fan, you probably have one of these fire pits in your yard right now. While you’re at it, why not make the entire Dark Force complete by adding this grill? Furthermore, this dual purpose grill can also be used as a wood burner.  It features a heavy duty handle and hinge so you can easily open the top part of Vader’s head. The grill is finished in Vader-inspired all-black and it comes with three chrome plated swivel racks.


Darth Vader Grill

darth vader grill

To use as a wood burner, simply remove the chrome plated swivel racks, insert the firewood and burn away. You can gather round and watch in awe as the flame lights up Vader’s eyes and mouth. To use as a barbecue grill, simply insert the charcoal, light it up and allow the flames to die down before inserting the chrome plated grill. Then you can cook steaks, burgers, kebabs, baby back ribs and more.

darth vader grill and wood burner


star wars inspired outdoor wood burner


dual purpose wood burner


darth vader grill and wood burner dual purpose

This handmade grill measures 17.3 inches by 30.7 inches sporting a very detailed design, making it look so realistic. Due to its intricate design, it is only expected that this unique burner doesn’t come cheap. Plus, it will ship from the UK so anyone outside UK will be charged with additional shipping costs.

star wars inspired wood burner


chrome plated swivel racks


darth vader grill dark lord mask


dark force inspired oudoor wood burner

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Source: Etsy