The Force Is Strong With These Awesome Star Wars TIE Fighter Fire Pits

Attention all Star Wars fans! We know you already have the Death Star fire pit by now. But you can still bring your geekiness to a higher level by adding this Star Wars TIE Fighter fire pit to your collection. You can never have too much of a good thing so, why not collect all of the Star Wars Warships fire pits? You can create an indestructible line of defense right in their yard.

The fire pit is designed and crafted by metal artist Michael Finney. His vast collection of metal art handiworks are mostly inspired by Star Wars. It includes a Mandalorian helmet, Darth Vader metal vase and character metal sculptures of C-3PO, BB-8 and even Baby Yoda. But his most popular creations are his badass fire pits welded in the forms of R2-D2, Darth Vader and TIE starfighters.


Finney must have really love the Imperial Starfighter as he created three different versions of it. It includes the standard TIE Fighter, the TIE/X2 Fighter and the TIE Interceptor. The standard version features a pair of flat straight Rebel X-wings with the main body serving as the fire pit. It was brilliantly designed so the two large wings function as a reliable pair of stands that suspend the pit above the ground.


Star Wars TIE Fighter Fire Pit


In addition to the standard TIE Starfighter, Finney’s metalworks collection also includes the TIE/X2 fire pit featuring the warship’s notably bent wings. And the TIE Interceptor fire pit features a pair of dagger-shaped wings. All three versions bear the same cockpit design but they greatly differ by the wings. Unlike the standard starfighter version, the X2 and Interceptor versions have shorter wings that hold the pit lower to the ground. But you can use an optional stand to elevate the pit so it doesn’t damage your lawn, deck or patio.


TIE/X2 Version


Interceptor Version


X2 Version With Stand


Here’s the best part yet. Finney is actually putting all his creations up for sale. Just visit his Instagram page to browse his entire collection and send him a message if you’re interested to buy the item. All of his metal art creations are all must-haves in any geek’s collection. But the Star Wars Fire Pit will surely make your geekiness stand out.

Checkout @finney_metalart on Instagram.

Source: Instagram