This Awesome Hotel Is Actually An Old Jumbo Jet That Has Been Refurbished


If you're afraid of flying, here's a plane that you might not mind stepping onto, because this is one jumbo jet that won't be leaving the ground! Hotel Arlanda, in Stockholm, also known as 'Jumbo Stay', is one of the more unusual hotels that we've ever seen. And why's that? Well, the name of the place gives it away slightly, the hotel itself is actually a retired Boeing 747. They managed to fit 33 rooms on the old plane, but they're less cramped than you might think. This certainly beats trying to sleep on a regular airplane in coach, that's for sure! Quite fittingly, Jumbo Stay is located somewhere around 65 feet from the Stockholm-Arlanda airport, so it's convenient for a night's stay before an early flight, or after a late one. It's probably not anywhere you'd want to spend your whole holiday… Although, maybe it would be perfect for a true aviation fanatic. Who are we to judge?! Let's take a look!
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Would you stay here? Or is it a little too much being back on a plane to stay on, after a long flight?

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