Sand Sculptor Leonardo Ugolini Creates Millennium Falcon Sculpture Complete With Cockpit

The Millennium Falcon is undeniably one of the most iconic pop culture spaceships of all time. Through the years, we’ve seen not just fans but even famous brands pay homage to this “hunk of junk.” From home essentials like firepit and ice tray to yummy treats like ice cream sandwich and cake, we thought we’ve seen them all. Well, apparently not, because this Millennium Falcon sand sculpture by Leonardo Ugolini is yet another rendition that’s one for the books.

The Italian artist recently took to his YouTube channel to share a timelapse video of his stunning sand creation. Aside from documenting the process, he also revealed his sculpting techniques and tricks in making his masterpiece. He started off by getting a photo of the spaceship from the internet for reference. He then built a wood template which also served as the base of the sculpture.


The Force is strong with this Millennium Falcon sand sculpture by Italian artist Leonardo Ugolini

Using wet quarry sand, he intricately sculpted the spaceship and its respective parts. Then he used palette knives of varying sizes to carve out the details accurately. Finally, he sprayed a mixture of water and glue to seal the piece. And to top it all, he even included a fun animated clip of the spaceship taking off and a cutout of Chewbacca inside the cockpit. The talented sculptor’s magnificent piece is indeed proof of his impressive sculpting skills and exquisite attention to detail.


Aside from the Star Wars battleship, Ugolini has also recreated a bunch of other pop culture structures and famous landmarks. These include the Tower of Mordor from The Lord of the Rings, Hogwarts from Harry Potter, the Empire State Building, the Taj Mahal, and many more. He was also part of the team that sculpted the world’s current biggest sandcastle which stands over 69 feet tall.





Feel free to check out his website and social media sites to see more of his amazing works! In the meantime, watch this video to witness how he built the iconic spaceship from scratch!


Source: Leonardo Ugolini Website | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube | TikTok