Rae Only Has One Ear Due To An Injury At Birth And Now She’s Rocking The Unicorn Look

It goes without saying that puppies are among the purest beings to exist in our lives. Their adorable small sizes coupled with their giggle-inducing antics make them literal treasures we should love and protect at all costs! But one particular Golden Retriever puppy is probably the most charming pup ever with her oddly adorable quirk! Meet Rae, the 12-week old Golden Retriever pup who took the Internet by storm after veterinary technician Samantha Smith shared a video of her on TikTok. You see, this dog isn’t your typical cutie pie: she’s literally a unicorn.

The puppy only has one ear, and for some strange reason, it re-positioned itself to the center of her forehead. This adorable pooch lost her left ear after her mother got a bit rough while cleaning off the placenta sac. The injury was so severe that the newborn pup had to be taken to Family Friends Veterinary Hospital in Michigan for a major surgery. According to some of the veterinary staff, they weren’t so confident that the tiny pup would make it. But she did, and now the whole world loves her!


Meet Rae, the unicorn Golden Retriever pup who lost her left ear after an accidental birth injury








Her surviving ear crept to the top of her head after the surgery








The Unicorn Golden Retriever Puppy went viral after being posted on TikTok

As of writing, the TikTok video has already been viewed a whopping 5.8 million times. Because of this, her human decided to set up an Instagram page so that the adorable pup’s fans can keep up with her. She already has around 176k followers on Instagram, and you can bet your hat that those numbers will keep rising as more and more people hunker down indoors and look for reasons to smile during these trying times. And in case you haven’t figured it out yet, her name is literally the reverse spelling of the word “ear”!

She now lives with the hospital’s receptionist, Brianna Vorhees. Her first few weeks post-surgery may have been tough, but the Golden Unicorn Pup seems to living her best life now. She doesn’t appear to be having any hearing problems, despite her ear’s unique situation. However, that doesn’t mean that her ears don’t require more care; her single floppy ear’s more prone to exposure after all. These days, the dog spends her time either at home with her loving human family or playing with her fellow cuties at a doggy daycare.








This Golden Retriever is like a literal ray of sunshine














Source: Instagram | TikTok