50 Adorable Cat Photos That Are Sure To Put A Smile On Your Face

Cats are undeniably ruling the internet with social media bringing the cat obsession to a new level. There are more than 3.8 million cat photos and videos shared online every day. That is actually more than twice the number of selfies posted each day at 1.4 million. As a matter of fact, the record holder for the Guinness World Record for having the most views for any animal on YouTube was a cat named Maru. But why is internet so obsessed with felines?

It’s no secret that people love to watch anything adorable. Obviously, a cat possesses that irresistible cuteness that can melt even the toughest hearts. But there’s more to them than their adorable looks that makes them so popular on the worldwide web. As far as ‘cuteness’ is concerned, dogs are arguably on par with them. But what brought felines a step ahead of dogs, in terms of popularity on the internet, is their unpredictable yet amusing personality.

“My Cat Learned That The Alarm Sound Means I Wake Up, And She Snuggles On My Chest Right After. I’ve Been Setting My Alarm 30 Minutes Early Every Day To Give Her More Happy Time”


Cats and Dogs Are The Most Popular Pets

Dogs are lovable pets, there’s no doubt about that. But their behavior can be predictable at times since they tend to do everything to please their owners. In other words, their actions are sometimes constrained by their bid to get their owner’s validation. Cats, on the other hand, are not concerned about what their owners think about them. They don’t seek validation from their humans, allowing them to do what they please. Their aloof and independent nature also makes them an enticing sight to behold. But it is their capricious and impulsive behavior that makes them so fascinating to watch.

“The Time I Rescued A Crying Kitten Outside My Cat Cuddled Her”


Some Cat Photos Prove That They Can Be Friends With Dogs To!


“Just 5 More Minutes!”


“This Is Tiger. He Just Turned 31. We Are Told He Is The Oldest Cat In The State Of Illincatois”

While it’s true that felines are naturally aloof and independent, domestication has influenced and changed their innate behavior over time. Since domestic cats are raised by humans, they learned to depend on them and even attach themselves to their owners. Although felines are wired to live in the wild, they have learned to adapt to suburban life and live harmoniously with humans. In an entirely different environment, they were able to develop social traits and evolve into affectionate companions. But their intrinsic ‘wild’ side will come out from time to time which explains their ‘mood swings’.

“I Work In Remote Areas As A Geologist. Was Leaving My Camp This Morning And Heard Mewing. Turned And This Little Fella Followed Me And Climbed Me And Promptly Fell Asleep. I Think I’ve Been Chosen. World, Meet Spud. He’s Asleep In My Field Lab Now After Wet Food And Water”


“Dad: We Are Not Feeding That Feral Cat. Also Dad: I Set Up A Heated Cat House In The Backward And Put A Camera So We Can Make Sure She’s Home Safe Every Night”


Fireman Rescues A Cat

If you’re like us and can’t get enough of adorable and wholesome cat photos then we’ve made this list to satisfy the cat-lover in you. Prepare for a cuteness overload and don’t forget to share the happiness with your cat-loving friends too.


“My Friend’s Wife And Cat Watching A Shy Stray Kitten Eat The Food They Put Out”


“Hey everyone! Back in July I posted our sweet little rescue, Kyra. Everyone asked to see her progress, well Reddit…Here she is in all of her glory!”


“Benefits Of Being A Vet”


“My Cat Looks Like He Just Told His Favorite Joke And He’s So Proud Of Himself”


“My Kitten Has Hearts Behind Her Ears!”


“Dad Passed Out After A Long Day With The Kids”


“It’s Dangerous To Go Alone! Take This With You”




This Is One Of The Cutest Cat Photos We Have Ever Seen!

“A Cat With Her Little Baby!”


“The Day I Brought Little Owen Home vs. 1 Year Later. He Grew Into Quite The Majestic Floof”


“My Boyfriend And My Cat Have A Special Bond…. I Feel Like The Third Wheel”


“Stopped My Car In Traffic To Save This Kitten.”


“My Cat Keeping My Mom Company While She Prays”


“Never Thought This Little Fella Would Change My Life. Ptsd Is So Difficult To Deal With, This Little Fella Makes A World Of Difference. Purr On Playa.”


“Born 3 Days Apart, Met Just Last Week, Already Best Of Friends”


Kitten Wheel


“The Smile That Made My Day”


“My Girlfriend’s Horse Got A New Friend”


“‘He’s Feral, He’ll Never Be A Loving Cat’. Meet Fuzz Aldrin. Born Feral, Now Colossal Suck.”


“The Way My Cat’s Fur Lines Up When He’s Asleep”


“Mister Weez Was Always My Big Chonk. After A Year Of Diet And Exercise, He’s Now My Small/Medium Chonk”


“Mom Was Worried Somebody Would Step On The Cat, So She Put Cones Around Him”


“Head-Bump Loving Cats Are The Worst When They Have The Cone Of Shame!”


“I Work As An Industrial Climber. Cats Are Always Happy To See Me”


“I Had To Get Him His Own Keyboard To Get Any Work Done”


“My Cat Ripped Open His Favorite Toy. This Is My Grandma Sewing It Back Together.”


“Convinced My Boyfriend We Should To Adopt A Rescue. It’s Only Night 1 And I’m Perfectly Okay With This Outcome”


Packing The Essentials


“Hooman Seat Comes With Kitten Compartment”


“My Baby Reinhardt Turns One Today!”


“Looks Like Their Engagement Photo”


“My Friend’s Cat Was Recently Put Down, And The Vet Gave Him This Paw Print Of His Cat That Is Full Of Flower Seeds To Be Planted”


“He Sleeps Like This”


“Most Of Our Friends Don’t Believe We Have A Cat. We Don’t See Him Much Either As He Mostly Hides Behind The Bed. Today, While I Was Working, He Was Brave Enough To Come Out For Pets. This Is My 15 Year Old Cat, Elwood.”


“Cats Are Good Boys Too. She’s Been To The Vets, He’s An Ace Big Bro. They Stayed This Way All Day”


“Light Refraction On This Kitty”


“Snuggles And Purrs To End A Long Day”


Dog and Cat Love To Sleep Together


“My Husband Couldn’t Have Pets Growing Up. When We Bought Our First House I Got Him A Little Surprise…”


“My Kitten Has Taken A Liking Almost Exclusively To Me Since I’m Home With Him All Day. Well Today When He ~finally~ Hopped In My Boyfriends Lap, I Snapped This Gem”


Kisses With A View


“All 3 Boys ‘Help’ Me Get Ready For Work Every Morning.”


“Our Cat Is Obsessed With Blanket Forts, So We Made Him This. He Has Wares, If You Have Coin”

So, which one of these cat photos is your favorite?