Artist Clive Maddison Creates Beautiful Masterpieces Using Only Wire

These incredible tree sculptures are made entirely from wire and nothing else! There has been no gluing or soldering on any of them. It really takes some creative hands to be able to make these, and those hands belong to artist Clive Maddison. He hand makes all of these trees with single strands of wire that run from the roots all the way up to the leaves.

The way the strands are twisted means they hold their shape sturdily. No two sculptures are the same which makes each and every one unique. Some of them sit on wooden bases which have been made from various different tree types such as sweet chestnut, yew, elm and American walnut.

wire tree collection


wire tree sculpture


wire tree


wire tree close up


wire tree trunk roots


wire tree tall


wire tree large


wire tree small


wire tree large with roots