These Hilarious Cat Photobombs Will Make You Laugh

If you’ve ever owned a cat or been owned by one, you’ll know all too well that they love nothing more than getting attention. When they’re in the mood for human company, felines will do virtually anything to get it. Usually, they’ll just rub themselves over your legs or perhaps jump onto your lap for a snuggle. However, when a cat really wants to be noticed, it’s a different story altogether as these images show. In fact, these crazy photobombing cats have taken attention seeking to a whole new level. Take a look. Some of these photos are ‘cat-astrophic’!


“I want in the photo too!”

funny cat photobombs woman cat window


“Look at me human!”

“I’m more photogenic than her!”

“But you said I’d get pizza!”

“What’s so interesting down there?”

“No one cares about us cats.”

He’s not into romance.

funny cat photobombs married couple cat butt


This little guy doesn’t seem too interested in romance either!

funny cat photobombs married couple


The long-suffering cat in the foreground has seen it all before.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

“I’m the leader of this family.”

Striking a pose.

Scary, creepy little kitty.

Giving his best smile.

Whether you love cats or hate them, you’ll agree that they’re some of the cleverest and craftiest creatures around. You can almost tell what they’re thinking in these images, they’re trying so hard to get in on the photo! And why should anyone else be getting all the attention when a cat’s around? Yes, cats are strange and sometimes pretty selfish creatures going around ruining all the photos they can. But don’t we love them for it! Keep on scrolling to see more hilarious photobombing cats that’ll make you laugh. We feel sorry for their poor owners!

He’s always watching.

funny cat photobombs dog outdoors cat


This cat loves a lazy photobomb!

Pirate kitty’s going to steal your food!

Exercise time!

He’s behind you!

funny cat photobombs girl open mouth cat


A ghost-cat caught on camera.

“I’m not impressed.”

funny cat photobombs dog cat tree


“Ew. They’re kissing.”

funny cat photobombs couple cat tongue


We’re not sure whether this cat is cute or terrifying.

“What’re you doing dad?”

Siamese twins?

The things a cat will do for attention.

A cute kid with a white fluffy tail.

“This is my best angle.”

funny cat photobombs baby cat bed